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Off we go!

Feb 14: Day 2

Planned workout(s): Run, 5 minutes in Z1, 20 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1

Weight: 174

I woke up at 5:30am today, clearly ready to start.  I even got out of bed–but then remembered I was going to approach things differently when I could this season.

Often I try to get my workouts in early before work so I can be done with it.  It makes it easier for me not to have workouts be OBE (overcome by events) and lost by things happening in the evening.  Sometimes it’s even necessary, like tomorrow, because I have 2 workouts scheduled so one kinda has to take place in the morning.  It even makes sense normally, because the races start early in the morning so it’s good to get the body in tune to exercising hard early.

This race however, is a little different, especially for the run.  It’s going to be 2-3 PM before I finish the swim and bike portions so the run will take place in the heat of the afternoon.  Since I anticipate about a 4+ hour marathon pace, that means I may not even finish until after 7 or later.  I decided early on that given the choice, I would run in the afternoons/evenings because of that to get used to doing that particular exercise at that time of day.

And I here I am out of bed at 5:30, wide awake.  /sigh.

So I forced myself to go back to bed for an hour, and did the run when I came home from work.

The run itself was beautiful.  Couldn’t ask for a better night!  49 degrees and clear skies.  It was nice enough that I broke out my new USA TRI shirt my mother gave me for Christmas (mom runs too, so she gets a lot of this stuff).

The workout was designed to keep below my threshold running pace and so I tried to focus on just running smooth and relaxed.  I got my training zones set for the bike too, which I will start tomorrow.  TTFN!

2 thoughts on “Off we go!

  1. Hi! I’m using Matt Fitzgerald’s 80/20 program. I’ve used his programs for years, but this is the first time I’ve tried the 80/20 approach. I’ll touch on it later after I’ve gotten some of it under my belt. Overall though, his programs have been excellent for me!


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