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Admitting the truth

Feb 15: Day 3

Planned workout(s): Swim, 200 yd Z1, 400 yd Z3, 120″ rest, 200 yd Z3, 120″ rest, 200 yd Z1 / Bike, 5 minutes in Z1, 50 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1

Weight: 173 (Down 1, 5 to go!)

Got up today feeling a lot less motivated than yesterday to get out and exercise.  THAT didn’t take long.  The real problem was I actually woke up an hour early again, allowed myself to get back to sleep, and then got awoken during a deep sleep cycle.  So yeah, a little sluggish.  I chose not to fuel before the workout, instead focusing on timing my nutrition after the bike ride.  Meanwhile, yay, lost a pound!

The ride itself went well.  I do these types of rides indoors on a bike trainer, and then do longer rides outside.  It works well for me as cycling is consistently my best leg.  Besides, I get to play video games on the PS4 while I ride!


I spent the day in meetings, and of course, someone brought a huge sack of bagels.  It’s always hard when people bring food, but when it’s food you like, and it smells really good?  Torture.  Damned sack of bagels sat on the table for 7 hours….I didn’t touch it.  But it sucked!

My swim set is essentially a time trial, from which I will calculate pace zones.  People always ask me when they find out I swim regularly: Do you shave?  The answer is yes, yes I do.  Here’s the admission…..I kinda like it.  Not the process of shaving itself, because that sucks, but I like how I look after I do it.  I like how it feels.  I stop in the off-season, but honestly?  I kinda look forward to doing it every season.

Aaaaaaand now I’ve admitted that to the internet.  Oh well.  If you’re gonna go, go all out eh?

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