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That time bourbon shortened my workout

Feb 16: Day 4

Planned workout(s): Bike, 5 minutes Z1, 20 minutes Z2, 3 x (5 minutes Z3/3 minutes Z1) 5 minutes Z2, 6 minutes Z1

Weight: 175 (wat?)

Today I had only one workout and figured I’d do it after work.  Yesterday was my first two-fer after all, and while it all went well I was feeling it a little bit.  But of course I woke up at 5:30.  I almost rolled over and went back to sleep, but then I remembered BOBS.

BOBS is something some of the folks at work do every few months: Boys of Bourbon.  It’s not really just “boys” (we routinely have a few wives come hang out too) and it’s not always just bourbon.  Basically everyone goes over to the host’s house with a bottle and we sit after work, try some different bourbons and shoot the breeze for a few hours.  Invariably even though you try to pace yourself, you also want to try everything and there’s usually 6-8 bottles, so yeah.  You can get a little tipsy.  Or even a LOT tipsy.

Which is not generally a great condition to be in for your first interval set of the season.

Sooooooo….to heck with it.  I got up and got it done.  First I hopped on the scale and apparently smelling bagels yesterday was enough to gain weight, apparently through osmosis.  175?  Pfeh.  Anyone who monitors their weight regularly will tell you sometimes the body just fluctuates for no apparent rhyme or reason.  It’s still frustrating though.

Then I got on the bike and realized I did not have enough time to do the full 60 minutes, so I cut the Z1 warm up and cool downs.  I had the hardest time getting my heart rate up into zone 2 for the 20 minute set — I felt like I was going really hard for what was supposed to be a comfortable zone.  I wonder, does that have to do with the time of day?  In any event, that changed quickly when I hit the intervals.  I had no problem hitting high Z3 for those, and then everything seemed fine.  Maybe I did need to warm up.

But yeah, changed my workout around and cut it a bit short to drink bourbon.  And I’m perfectly OK with that!



OBTW–here is what I am bringing tonight.  Excellent bourbon (although my favorite is Four Roses), highly recommended.  And by now you’ve probably guessed that I chose Ironman Louisville, at the heart of the bourbon trail, for a reason……  🙂



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