Being willing to change the plan

Feb 17: Day 5

Planned workout(s): Swim, 300 yd Z1, 900 yd Z2, 300 yd Z1  Bands, 5×25 repetitions, working each pull phase / Run 35 minutes Z1

Weight: 175 (stupid bourbon)

Unsurprisingly after having consumed maaaaaaaaaybe too much bourbon last night, along with some delicious snacks prepared by our host (because, you know, it would be rude not to partake) my weight didn’t budge this morning.  Oh well.  Lets see tomorrow after my system flushes a bit.

When I went to the pool Wednesday the young lady who ran my membership card through the scanner told me something I’d not heard before: “You don’t exist”?

“What?” I said.

“It says ‘Person Not Found’.  Are you sure this is your card?”

This card is basically a key fob.  I looked at it–the keys are mine, so I assume it’s my card. “Yeah, I’m sure”

“Well…OK.  I’ll let you in THIS time, but you’d better go get it fixed”.

So this morning I walked over to the rec and a very nice young lady fixed my problem.  Somehow they had gotten a different number associated with the membership I’ve had for 4 years.  Granted I hadn’t been to the pool in a while, so maybe they took me out of the system.  Who knows, but in any rate, I was able to fix it in time for my next scheduled swim workout.

Which I won’t be doing in the pool.  So yeah.  But it was a nice walk!

What I will be doing is a workout of swimming bands.  I started doing this a few years ago when I tried a program called TriDot for a few months.  They turned me on to doing one less swim a week and instead spending that swim session working on technique with elastic bands.


Swim bands like the ones I use


I have a bench set up with a guide screen that keeps my elbows high and my pull technique solid, and then I attach the bands to the wall, lay on the bench on my stomach, and simulate different parts of my stroke: catch, pull and finish.  I really like this because I have a hard time working technique in the water by myself, but this way I can really focus on developing muscle memory to do each part of the stroke correctly.  It also is a deceptively good workout, and I often feel I develop better swim strength this way than just doing laps.  This pre-plan phase is all about building solid technique for when training starts in earnest, so it is a great time to replace a swim workout with a swim band set.


I use the Halo guide attached to a standard workout bench.

Plus as an added bonus I get done faster and don’t smell like chlorine.

For my run I brought my clothes to work and will run home.  It’s about 4 miles which is perfect for this kind of 35 minute Z1 run.  Since my wife works in the same building she takes my work clothes home in the trunk.  I feel a bit like Mr Rogers changing in my office, and I get a look or two when I exit the building at the end of the day in my running shorts, but most folks know what I do and I think they just chalk it up to me doing my thing.

What a gorgeous day for a run, 70 degrees and clear skies.  Everyone have a fantastic weekend!