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Surviving Snack Attack

Feb 22: Day 10

Planned workout(s)

  1. Bike: 5 minutes in Z1, 50 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1
  2. Swim: 250 yd Z1, 500 yd Z3, 500 yd Z2, 250 yd Z1

Weight: 172

The scale is playing tricks on me I think.  It read 171.8 this morning, which is a pretty fast falloff from the 175 plateau I was holding Monday.  I mean…yay, sure, but…I’m anticipating a bounce tomorrow.  Crossing my fingers.

This morning’s bike was yet another example of why I need to just hurry up and get this power meter.  I could NOT keep my HR out of Z3.  I didn’t feel like I was pushing hard, and I downshifted significantly to the point I felt like I was not even in Z2, but my HR continued to elevate.  It may have to do with my weight drop the last few days.  Either way, I’d much rather know for sure.  After my birthday Friday I will go ahead and order the Powertap pedals.

So every month my office does a thing they call Snack Attack.  Different units in the building coordinate and make a bunch of treats which are served for half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the afternoon.  Folks pay a buck and take what they want, and  then chat for the remaining time.  The money is used as a fundraiser for interoffice events and such.  Today we are having our February event.

It’s really cool.  It’s a nice break.  It’s also torturous.

People around here can make some amazing stuff, and for snack attack, they make a lot of it.  The vast majority of it is homemade desserts, but there are succulent choices too: chips, dips, party mix, etc.  Sometimes people bring in cakes.  Sometimes people bring in ice-cream.  Once we even brought in a chocolate fountain.  Usually they are themed too, and people have fun getting creative with it.

I love to bake, and when it’s my unit’s turn I enjoy making something unique that folks may not have tried.  I like to experiment and try new recipes.  It’s fun, and some of my cooking gets rave reviews.  I enjoy making people happy.


Today’s spread

But I don’t usually go, and the reason is simple–watching people eat plates of delicious food while you can’t have any?  Not as much fun as it sounds.

It kinda sucks also because I think people believe I don’t go because I am anti-social.  I’m actually not at all, and I have gone many times.  I grab a seat, sit and chat for 30 minutes and don’t eat.  Unfortunately it has the unfortunate side effects of 1) making me miserable and 2) making me crave stuff that would otherwise never enter my mind.  Even if I succeed in not eating at snack attack, now it’s on my brain, and in the past that has led to disaster.

Usually what happens is I later justify something I shouldn’t.

“I can go to Coldstone, I didn’t eat at snack attack!” 


“Give yourself a treat meal, you deserve it!” etc.

So especially now, with a birthday coming up on Friday where I already know I will be eating “off-schedule”, with expecting a scale bounce tomorrow already, and with my desire to get down to racing weight, I’m just not going to go.

Of course, that leads to well-meaning people who want to encourage everyone to come inviting me to come down, usually with descriptions of how good everything is, you have to try this, etc.  I hate turning them down, as much because I appreciate the invite for company as would the food if I could partake.  I always decline politely and explain I am in training, but I’m not sure they understand that I’m not rejecting THEM, I just don’t want to be around all the food.

Ah well.  It’s only once a month.

For any willing to share, how do YOU cope with office treats?

2 thoughts on “Surviving Snack Attack

  1. I understand your restraint. I’m not as good at refusing treats at Happy Hours, potlucks, quick get to gathers. I’ve been working out at an OrangeTheory fitness center since November. I am going 4 days a week. I’ve lost a little over 10 lbs. Gained much in the way of muscle conditioning, stamina. and lung capacity. I started out as a power walker and am now jogging and running during the cardio workout. I’ve increased my dumbbell and body weight exercises. But resisting those treats hasen’t happened so, the weight loss is very slow.

    I enjoy reading your blog. You are showing the struggle and commitment needed to succeed in your goal.


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