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45 is here!

Feb 24: Day 12

Planned workout(s)

  1. Swim:  20 minutes swim bands
  2. Run:  35 minutes Z1

Weight: 172

Today is the day I officially turn 45!  I’m going to do my very best to stay on my plan today. I took the day off from work, so even though there will be some family time tonight it shouldn’t be too hard to carve out an hour and get both running and swim bands done.  It’s cold and miserable outside right now though, so I will probably do that this afternoon when it at least clears.


Happily the scale looks good.  Because I have absolutely no intentions of skipping a nice meal out and some cake and ice cream.

Birthdays and other holidays are hard on training plans, or at least they can be on mine.  Sometimes they are hard because there is so much going on, it’s hard to get a workout in.  Sometimes they are hard because you just don’t feel like doing your exercise because it’s a holiday, damn it!  Still other times you can find time and you have the motivation, but because they are family centered days, it’s difficult to explain to folks who aren’t part of the process that no, you really are going to take an hour away from them and go do your exercise.

They’re just challenging to stick to the routine, because they are so out of the routine.

I guess I kind of let where I am dictate how it goes.  I wish I could say I was consistent, but I’m really not.  I’ve given myself the day off, and I’ve done 8 mile runs on Thanksgiving.  Each training process is different.  And I think that’s OK.  One day does not a long training plan make, or break.

As for how I feel about 45?  Pretty OK really.  I mean, I’ve had birthdays where the march of getting old gets me down, but today isn’t one of them.  I kind of joke that 45 is actually a good birthday because it means I am on the BOTTOM  of the age group now instead of the top, but it’s only a half-joke.  I never had more podiums than the year I turned 40!  Of course, being the poor planner I am I chose to do only one race the year I turned 45, and it’s a race I’m not even trying to be competitive.  Lol.

But most of all I’m pretty happy where I am at as I turn 45.  I feel good.  I’m fitter, leaner, and happier now than I ever was in my younger years.  That’s saying something.  And I’m pretty happy to have embarked on this journey now, at this particular juncture in my life.  I think I am ready for it in ways I never would have been when I was younger, and of course nobody can predict the future, so who knows if I would be ready or able to do it in later years.

So, here’s to being 45.  I’m looking forward to a good year, and wrecking that 45-49 age bracket next year!


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