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The Aftermath

Feb 25: Day 13

Planned workout(s)

Bike: 10 minutes Z1, 10 minutes Z2, 8 x (30 seconds Z5 uphill or simulated/60 seconds Z1) 28 minutes Z1

Had a really good birthday overall, although it decided to snow.  That kinda cut into my plans to take my dog Scully out for some frisbee toss in the park.  I did take her to work to show her off a bit though, and give her some socialization.

Scully is an 8 month old Mini Australian Shepherd.  She’s already able to run a ton and will be a great running partner.  Sometimes she doesn’t really want to get started, but when she starts going she’ll lead the whole way.

She’s also a total Daddy’s Girl.  And I’m OK with that!


My girl helping Daddy blow out his candles!

I’m not even going to try to explain the hat.  It’s a family thing.

I embraced my birthday with gusto as you can probably see, and enjoyed dinner out (nachos!) and cake and ice cream.  I think honestly that’s the only way I keep sane on my restrictive food intake is to take the occasional day off.  Actually the next several days will be kinda crazy, but hopefully I’ll be able to maintain some level of control.  I don’t want to lose all the progress I have made so far.

I ordered the PowerTap PS1 pedals and should have them in a few weeks.  I’m very excited about that!  Today’s workout was another one with 30 second max effort intervals and 1 minute cool downs.  Once again, HR told me absolutely nothing with the intervals being so short, so having a power meter will be a big help in keeping me on point for my effort in these kind of sets.

It was really cold this morning with a lot of frost, so I did my Saturday workout on the trainer.  I think I mentioned I often play video games while I do my bike trainer rides, and it works as a great pastime.  However, I need to make sure in the future I don’t do activities in the video game that require a heck of a lot of focus.  Without going into it TOO much, rapid Z5 intervals and video game boss fights….not a good mix -.^

Tomorrow I head to DC for a work trip, and it is also my older son’s 18th birthday.  Busy day ahead, and it will require some creativity to stay on plan.  For those of you who travel, I’d love to hear your thoughts on strategies to keep up your training and nutrition while away from home!

Best of luck on your journeys this weekend.

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