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Travel is always a challenge

Feb 26: Day 14

Planned workout(s)

  1. Swim: 300 yd Z1, 1000 yd Z2, 300 yd Z1 20 minutes swim bands
  2. Run: 5 minutes in Z1, 40 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1

In more ways than one.

I am on a short business trip starting today. I return Tuesday. It’s actually really good timing from a workout perspective because Monday is my off day.  I was able to get my run in this morning. Sadly the pool didn’t open until after my flight time, so I did swim bands for that workout. I’ll be able to do Tuesday’s work when I get home.

I’ve already planned a fasting day for Monday too. I do these occasionally on off days to cleanse and it works fairly well for me.  It also saves me some per diem, and avoids the typical pitfalls of travel dining, so hey!

I’ve got some protein bars for dinner tonight and breakfast Tuesday, and there is a Subway in O’Hare I can grab a decent lunch at. I’ll be at the hotel by 7, relax, shower, read, iron my suit, and generally decompress before a long meeting tomorrow.  I have this trip down!

If only American would have cooperated with my perfect plan. But alas, it was not to be.

I got to Dallas alright, and had a 90 minute layover until my 3:10 flight to D.C.   I was waiting in the gate area when they announced the flight was oversold and asked for 3 volunteers to go on a later flight.  That flight wouldn’t arrive until midnight and I have an early start tomorrow, so i decided not to take the $300 voucher offer.

I’m starting to think taking that offer would have been a real good idea.

First we have more people in platinum, gold and priority status groups than I have ever seen. I of course, am not one of those.  I swear 3/4 of the plane had a priority boarding status.  Before Group 1 was even called, they declared the overheads full and anyone left with bags had to gate check them. As I was in Group 2, that was me.

Then I had to kick a guy out of my seat who thought his window seat F was my aisle seat D.

Then I had the woman in front of me try to recline before we left the gate.  I could tell this was going to be one of “those” flights.



From that point we sat on the plane until 3:10 waiting to leave.

And then past it. 3:15.  3:30.  3:45…

Finally at 4 we get an announcement–there’s a “scuff” on the plane.  Can’t fix it. We need to deplane.  Wonderful.  We all tromp off wondering if we would even leave today.  I, of course, no longer have access to my bag. Which has my dinner in it.

After a few minutes they send us to another gate to board a new plane. And the whole kabuki dance starts over again, as they reboard by the same groups.  I settle in a seat and wait the 20 minutes before they finally call “Group 2”.  New departure, 4:37.

Then, waiting in my new seat, here we go again.  4:45.  4:50.  5pm.  I’m thinking I really really need to get an overpriced bourbon if we ever get off the ground.


At 5:14, with no explanation or even acknowledgement of the new delay, we push off for D.C.  Finally.  OMG my butt hurts.  My 2 hour flight will have had me in a seat for almost 6.  I decided I was going to get that bourbon after all.  The flight attendant, in her infinite generosity, declined to charge me the 8 bucks for an ounce of Woodford Reserve.  Score one for American!

Once in DC my luck is…consistent. It takes an hour at baggage claim to get the bag I never intended to check.  Then, to top it off I head to the Metro and find the Blue Line I take to the hotel is out of service.  I can still get there, but it requires about double the time and a real roundabout method.


The rest of this trip is going to be fabulous.  It has to be.  I have burned all my bad luck at the front end.

Now, with both the delay and the bag I’m finally in the hotel about 3.5 hours after I had planned, at 10:30. Thankfully I didn’t try to push the workouts until I after arrived, because I don’t have near the time I thought I would have!  Instead I have just enough to iron my suit and get settled in.


Somehow with all that, it won’t impact my training a whit.  So I’m still calling it a win!  🙂

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