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Back, and LOCKED IN

Feb 28: Day 16

Planned workout(s): 5 minutes in Z1, 45 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1

Weight: We shall see tomorrow…

It’s funny how things work out.  I just got back from DC around 4PM and went out immediately to get my run done.  I was sore and tired and kinda feeling bleh, as I always do when I spend the day traveling, but I was kinda glad to get the rust off.  I started my run achey and stiff, wondering how I would do 55 minutes today.

Then about 10 minutes in I was absolutely, 100% locked in, to the point I had to keep backing off to stay in Z2.

I’ve had this experience before.  I can remember my very best Olympic race, where I won my AG and placed 2nd overall, came after I had spent a week on travel and returned the night before.  I wondered if I would be any good that day too.  And then I absolutely killed it.

I think it may be because, even though my body is protesting all the travel, all the sitting and extra napping has me actually pretty well rested.  As soon as I can work through the kinks, I’m ready to go.

Had a kind of surreal moment while running on the trail.  I’m used to seeing trash tossed on the side of the running trail.  It seems we cannot make a place nice enough that a knucklehead won’t toss crap on the side of it.  I’ve seen some unusual stuff tossed too.  But I have to admit, this was a first:



Yeah.  A whole treadmill.  I…..got nothing.

Back on the scale tomorrow.  It may be a spike back up with all the travel and festivities, but I am back on healthy eating and ready to start chipping away the rest of the week.  Looking forward to it really.  It will be nice to get back to normal.


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