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Power — It’s complicated!

Mar 3: Day 19

Planned workout(s)

Swim: 20 minutes of bands

Weight: 173 

I have to say, I never realized what a whole ‘nother level of fitness geek going power would be.

I got on my bike trainer so excited.  I mean, REALLY excited folks.  I’ve wanted a power meter for YEARS, and finally I was about to take my first ride with all the power metrics talking to me.  Finally I could know how hard I was working, exactly.


Except, not exactly.  At least not yet.

To figure out my zones I learned I need to do a few rides so I can calculate something called a Functional Threshold Power, or FTP.  I can do it with one, but it will get more accurate with a few samples.  Sounds easy right?  I go to TrainingPeaks and look up how to do this.  They have 6 methods.  Six.  The only automated one is with proprietary software that they want $150 for.  Screw that.

So, after combing through all the other methods I was at least able to determine a starting FTP from my data, which I will continue to refine over the next few rides.  Then I will start training to the zones.  I really hope I am doing the right thing.


I did download a trial of that $150 software that lasts 14 days that will at least get me started.  And I need a kickstart, because suddenly my fitness trackers are spewing all kinds of numbers at me: Current power.  Average Power.  Max Power.  Power Intensity.  Power Score.  Average Power over specific periods of time.  Power graphs.  Etc.


I mean, I sort of understand what it IS, I just don’t really know what to DO with it all yet.

Hopefully as I go I’ll understand more of this stuff and it will begin to make sense.  Meanwhile, I’m still totally excited, just a tad overwhelmed at the moment!


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