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Cooking with Scully

Mar 4: Day 20

Planned workout(s)

Bike: 10 min Z1, 20 min TT, 25 min Z2, 5 min Z1

Weight: 173 

First things first, I did a full road test with my power meter and established a true FTP measurement.  I did it on a road test with a 15mph headwind going out.

It was awesome.  I should have done this sooner.

When you are going into a headwind like that, your speed is down and your heart rate is through the roof.  Then when you come back, your speed is up and your HR is down.  But does that really tell you anything about how hard you are working?  I always suspected no, but now I know for sure.

It says nothing.

My power meter to the rescue!  On the way out, pushing hard in the TT portion but not getting much speed, my power meter was like “Dude, no problem, I see how hard you are working, I got this for you.”  Then on the way back with the tailwind, my speed is up, my HR is low, I feel great, and my power meter was all “Dude, is that all you got?  Work harder, you’re slacking.”


My power meter be like:

Yeah.  I needed this.  I’m even more excited now.

Shifting gears a bit (pun intended) last Christmas I made spaghetti sauce for a work party, and since then everyone has been after me for the recipe.  Rather than try to go to people’s houses and show them (because I don’t really have this written down anywhere), I made a video for them and posted it so they could do it themselves.

It got me to thinking, I do a lot of cooking and I am sure many of you do with your families, and it can be tough to juggle workouts with cooking with family meals.  For me, the answer is crockpots.  I do darn near EVERYTHING in crockpots–set it up in the morning and forget it.  But, in case this might be helpful for you all, here is my spaghetti sauce cooking video 🙂


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