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Still really windy….

Mar 7: Day 23

Planned workout(s)

Run: 5 minutes Z1, 5 minutes Z2, 5 x (1 minute Z4/2 minutes Z1) 5 minutes Z1

Weight: 173 

Yes, my weight is still 173. No, I am not forgetting to update it.  I have apparently hit what is known as a “plateau”.  These you just sort of have to ride out with my body. Eventually it will give way and I will lose 2-3 pounds quickly, but it can stay here for up to two weeks.

And that’s likely, because we have our 3rd of three family birthdays in 2 weeks coming up Thursday.  Ah well.

Yesterday we had tornados touch down in Kansas, continuing the wind we’ve had since Saturday.  I was really hoping it would knock it off for today’s run, but alas, it was still forecast for significant gusts. We’re talking 25-30mph range.  I decided I’d cheat a little and run home, since the wind has consistently been south to north and my run home is basically northwest and uphill.  Especially with Z4 intervals, I didn’t want to mess with running into the wind.

God had other plans.  Or at least a sense of humor.  Guess what?  Wind coming straight out of the northwest when I headed out from work.


Again, I’m not talking about a breeze.  I’m talking about knocking you off balance and taking your hat off your head gusts.  The kind where some nut like me might raise his head and scream at the sky “R U SERIOUS WITH THIS CRAP?!?”  NOT that that happened.  More than twice.  >_>  Ugh.  Somehow, I was able to hit my paces for all 5 Z4 strides.  By the end of the run however, I was feeling it.

I spent the evening making a birthday cake, thus the late post.  Tomorrow I hope I have recovered enough to do my double workout: bike in the morning, swim in the evening.  Happily they aren’t too strenuous.


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