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My dog ate my bike pants!

Mar 10: Day 26

Planned workout(s)

  1. Run: 40 minutes Z1
  2. Swim: 5 sets swim bands ascending difficulty

Weight: Not getting on the scale after yesterday.  Nope nope nope nope.

For those curious, the cake I made was delicious.  I don’t think anyone cared that it leaned once they started eating.  Here’s what it looked like cut open:


Of course, it was wonderful.  And waaaaay too much.  I was told I did an awesome job, and I never have to make it again.  DOUBLE WIN!

For those of you who work out regularly, there’s a filthy, smelly underside to doing 10-11 workouts per week: the laundry.  It stacks up, and to avoid washing things everyday you tend to expand your workout clothes collection.  This extends to bike pants.  I have 3 pair I rotate through during the week since I generally have 3 bikes.  And it works.  Or at least it did until the little scamp decided to pluck a pair out of the laundry hamper and use it as a chew toy.


The scamp in question

Ah, the joy of puppies.

Anyway, I think I decided instead of buying new training pants I will treat myself to a new racing TRI suit this year to go with the IM, and retire an old kit to training purposes.  I’m looking at something like the below, as I think the sleeves could help reduce sun exposure and provide more aerodynamics on the bike.


Plus I just think it looks awesome.

Maybe someone will be really nice and get something like that for me for father’s day.  Who knows?

Happy Friday and Weekend folks!  Cheers!

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