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Feeling like crap. Still got it done.

Mar 14: Day 30

Planned workout(s): Run: 5 minutes Z1, 5 minutes Z2, 7 x (1 minute Z4/2 minutes Z1) 5 minutes Z1

Weight: The bloat is gone.  172.

I feel like crap.  I mean, absolute crap.  It started yesterday playing ball and frisbee with the little scamp in 9 degree weather.  It got progressively worse: nausea, head congestion, sniffles, tickle in the throat, classic cold stuff.  I got through yesterday and even worked this morning, but by noon I was so wiped I stayed home for the afternoon.

I don’t know if I will stay home tomorrow, but if it doesn’t improve, I will.  Meanwhile, I still did my run today.  Had to be on the treadmill because it’s still damned cold and I didn’t want the exposure to make it worse, but I gutted it out.

Why?  Why not rest?  That would have been the wise thing to do.  However, as I lay in bed this afternoon thinking about it I decided to give it a shot anyway.  You never know–I might feel less than good on the day in question but short of a medical tent I’m not going to back out of the Ironman, so in part it was me telling myself to learn to gut it out even when I feel poorly.  In another way, it was just me being stubborn.  I hate missing workouts.

I did it all, even the sprints, although I was rather glad I was home alone at the time because I probably would have scared my family with how I looked.  I was seeing colors by the time I got done. >_>

Let’s hope tomorrow is better, as I have 2 workouts. The bike is all Z1 so not a big deal, but the swim has 10 50m sprints, and I KINDA need to feel up to those.

5873915Well, here’s hoping.  Cheers!

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