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Becoming one (IM)

Mar 20: Day 36

Planned workout(s): None, rest day

Weight: 175

Time to recommit.  It was not a great week nutritionally, and it shows.  I don’t WORRY about it so much, but I am wanting to get back to feeling good, which means less junk and more healthy nutrition.  Can’t set myself up for bad habits.

Ironman has an interesting resource for first-time folks training for Ironman, a program they call Become One.  For the most part its just some free resources I can use to help me on my journey such as suggested training plans, a Facebook group, webinars, etc.  Some of it is clearly designed to get in my pocket, such as pushing their certified coaches to help plan my event, but if you needed something like that it would be a nice thing, so I don’t really mind it.

Oh, and they gave me a badge.  Welcome to the world of online credentials, I guess.  Here is the one they gave me.


It’s…kinda cool?

By far though, the best thing has been access to the Facebook group.  Because the events run year round you are catching people at the start of their journey, in the middle, or at the end.  You would think you would just want to connect with people where you are so you can have common ground, but for me, it’s been great to read the stories of people who are at the other side of it.  It helps paint a picture of where I will be in October, and gives me confidence seeing all these folks finally finish their journey.  If you ever do this or any race that offers something like this, do it.  Even if you don’t post, there are days when you just need a pick-me-up to refocus.  It’s great for that.

This week will be a lot of shorter workouts with high intensities designed to establish zones.  Time to see if I have improved!  Those will be sandwiched around short and medium stuff in low intensity to make sure I have the energy needed for the time trials.  I think this week I will do my bike on the trainer to set zones for that separately, as I have read there can be some disparity between the two conditions.

Have a great Monday folks.  Cheers!

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