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Sluggish day

Mar 21: Day 37

Planned workout(s): Run, 5 minutes in Z1, 60 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1 (MAYBE a bike later?)

Weight: 173


Got up at 5:15 to get this run done, and that coupled with poor sleep the night before and a fasting day Monday made me very sluggish.

Sometimes my body goes through a water purge in the middle of the night.  I have no other way to explain it.  Usually I sleep through the night just fine, but last night I was up almost every hour to go to the bathroom.


I hope it’s not a sign of age and that these become more frequent, because it doesn’t help with sleeping at all.

Because I had fasted Monday I made a point of getting some nutrition in before the run.  For that I used 3 Clif Bloks and a 5 hour energy.  I also took along a Clif Shot packet.  The idea was to do a little practice for the IM both in simulating running on lower energy reserves and using the actual nutrition supplements that will be available on the course.  While I will take some of my own nutrition on the course I know I can’t carry a full day’s worth, so I will rely on some of the supplements they have available.  Usually I use different brands, so I need to get used to using these on a relatively empty stomach.

The results were fine, if unspectacular. It was basically the same run I did Sunday except in cooler temperatures but I performed it at about :13 seconds per mile slower.  There were a few hills I felt like I was going faster than my GPS said I was, but I am sure that was perceived effort rather than it being off.  It was good practice because by getting used to these supplements and pushing through a tough run in a fatigued state I’ll be ready for those conditions on race day.

Besides, I am OK with running slow on a day like this.  I know why it’s happening and I got out and did it.  Sometimes, just getting out there is a victory for all of us, no matter how accomplished an athlete!


Tomorrow I have a weird day, with only a 30 min mild bike and a swim TT.  I’m tempted to just get the bike done tonight so I don’t have to get up earlier to do it, and be better rested for the swim.  We will see what actually ends up happening.


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