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Runnin’ in the rain

Mar 25: Day 41

Planned workout(s) today: Run, 5 minutes Z1, 15 minutes Z2, 10 minutes Z3, 15 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1

Weight: 172

Had lightning storms go through last night, and this morning I had wind and rain to deal with on my run.

I think a lot of people when you tell them about the events you do (and I’ve done a ton) think the event itself is what makes you tough.  I’ve had some tough events, to be sure.  But honestly?  It’s running a training session in weather like this, when you are cold, tired, and hate every second, and still do it.  THAT’s what makes you tough.


When I went out this morning it was a light drizzle with 35 degree temps. By the time it got to my Z2 work, it was full on rain, with sideways wind.  On the Z3 stuff, it was pouring, to the point that I had to keep wiping my eyes under my hat to keep seeing where I was going.  During the Z3 I had a tough hill to climb, but I did it, and kept pace, even though part of me was saying the whole time WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO YOURSELF?

See, when you are racing you have something to achieve.  You’ve spent money, you spent time, you have a ton of people around you to inspire you.  It’s really not hard to keep going in that environment.  You have a finish line to achieve, a tangible goal.  This is something that can keep you going even when conditions are tough.

On a bull$%^& training day in March when conditions are terrible?  It’s easy to ask yourself why?  Why am I doing this to myself?  Just stay home!  Crawl in bed!  It would be so much easier.

Except, those are the moments when you truly forge who you are.  Not when you are racing and everything you have been building towards is on the line.  When you are 7 months out and still make it happen, with nothing you can articulate on the line.  That’s the mark of true discipline.

I was glad I found it today even on dead legs, up hills and into wind and cold rain.  I needed to find it.  It gave me reassurance that no matter what, I CAN do this.  I can make it happen.

At the end of the Z3 I had to walk for about a minute.  That’s OK.  I accelerated into Z2 and finished the full workout afterwards.  Came home to pancakes.  Who doesn’t love pancakes at the end of a run?  🙂

I have to push forward, because I found my tattoo.  THIS is what I want on my leg when I am done.  What do you think?


Another tough day tomorrow.  I’ll push through, and I hope that YOU all push through whatever challenges face you today.  It’s worth it!  YOU are worth it.


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