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Lightning delays….

Mar 26: Day 42

Planned Workouts:

  1. Bike, 10 minutes Z1, 10 minutes Z2, 4 x (6 minutes Z3/3 minutes Z1) 29 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1
  2. Swim, 300 yd Z1, 900 yd Z2, 300 yd Z1 (Maybe)

Weight: 173

I write this post sitting in the bleachers at the natatorium, waiting to see if I will get to swim.

I did my bike this morning just fine, although it was another leg burner.  The workout says “If you can master this workout, your base speed and VO2max will significantly improve. The key is pacing! Too hard on interval 1, and the workout is a bust.”

Determined NOT to bust, I went hard but steady for the intervals and did all 4 great.  However, by the time I finished the full 90 minutes I was really feeling the burn. I finished near noon, so doing the swim in the afternoon was technically feasible but I figured I’d just go ahead and do it in the evening session. After all, there was rain in the forecast but no lightning. I shouldn’t have any problems, right?


Apparently there is lightning in the area, or was 10 minutes ago. So the pool is on lockdown for 30 minutes.  Maybe we can get in the pool then.


Maybe if we get in, there won’t be any lightning and I can finish my workout.


Ah, the drudgery of the day to day. Nobody tells you about this stuff. It’s another mental challenge and it’s frustrating that you got out here ready to do the work, and you may not get to do it.  But it’s even harder wondering if you’ll get to do it.


UPDATE!  I got to get it in!  Hooray!  Cheers and enjoy the last bits of weekend!

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