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Great runs and….bar tape?

Mar 28: Day 44

Planned workout(s) today: Run, 5 minutes Z1, 5 minutes Z2, 4 x (5 minutes Z3/3 minutes Z1) 5 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1

Weight: If life has taught me anything, it’s not to weigh the day after pizza.

So, day 44.  I know I said yesterday was day 44.  But apparently at 45 I have lost the ability to count.  At all.  So I went back and fixed the last week’s day numbers because somehow they were off all week.  I think it’s probably due to me going back and copying the previous day’s header to keep the formatting and forgetting to update the date or day at some point, then continuing to not catch the error as I go.

Or birthdays.  It could be birthdays.  But I like the other story better, so I’ll stick to that.



This morning’s run was a revelation of a sense.  I’d been fasting on Mondays for about a month and had middling Tuesday workouts because of it.  I knew that was the main factor, but man, I did not realize HOW MUCH of a factor it was.  Yesterday I fasted until dinner and then ate too much.  However, I had a TON of energy this morning, so much so I had to keep telling myself to pull back.

I was so pumped up I even engaged in a little chest-thumping after interval 3 when I kept pace uphill for most of the interval.  Like, literally thumping my chest tarzan-style because I was so jacked with adrenaline and enthusiasm.  I’m so glad nobody sees me running in the morning.  They’d probably call the people with nets.


I did not look even close to this good doing it either.

I had some maintenance done on my road bike earlier this year and decided to replace my bar tape.  For those not who are not bike people, bar tape is the stuff you wrap on the handlebars of road and try bikes to provide comfort and grip over the metal bars.  It’s not glamorous or sexy like getting a power meter or new crank, and it’s one of those things that’s easy to sort of put off and not get around to replacing.  It’s just tape right?

Except, it’s just tape that spends it’s life absorbing sun, rain, fog, dirt, grease, river water, salt water, and sweat.  Lots and lots of sweat.  It gets absorbed by the tape and over time, it starts to get kinda gross.  It’s slick, and not as comfortable, and just really ratty.  Of course, you only think about it when you are on the bike.  It’s rarely something that comes to my mind when I am off it, and because it gets gross over time you really don’t know how bad it has gotten.

Until, like a few months back, you put new tape on only ONE of your bikes.  And then you realize how gross the tape on the other one is.

So now I am obsessed with bar tape reviews.  Yes, bar tape.  I am a bike nerd.  Hear me roar.  I actually think I’ve picked out what I want, a red tape (which will really pop off my Cervelo P2) with really good reviews and high durability in all-weather conditions.  I’ve even watched 2 videos on how to put it on and take it off myself.  When I actually do it, maybe I will make a video also to show you the process.


Because you needed to see a roll of bar tape today.

Meanwhile, have a great Tuesday.  Cheers!

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