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Feeling more confident, but lightning sucks

Mar 29: Day 45

Planned Workouts:

  1. Bike, 60 minutes Z1
  2. Swim, 500 yd Z1, 5 x (100 yd Z3/15″ rest) 250 yd Z1, 10 x (25 yd Z5/10″ rest) 250 yd Z1 Bands

Weight: 173

Yesterday I attended the official Ironman Louisville webinar for those who are doing their first IM. It was mostly stuff I didn’t need, like how to use their training plan and who to hire as a coach (a LOT of it was pushing people towards a coach), but there were a few course specific tips that were helpful to hear, including the river current, what to expect on the bike as far as hills and climbs, things like that.

It was amazing to me how much basic stuff they covered, simple stuff like needing goggles and a helmet.  It occurred to me only then that for some people this isn’t just their first IM, this is their first triathlon of any distance.  That really kinda breaks my brain.  I would never advise someone to start at IM.  That being said, I am sure people do it every race and nobody has to follow my path.  It just really kinda amazed me to realize that.

Beyond all the tips and info though, it set in my mind that this is really happening in a way it hadn’t before.  The coach talked a lot about having a picture in your head of finishing the line, that this image will help you as you fight through the mental and physical challenges. I went on the IM Louisville site and saw the below picture.

1408247266 1600

That is so going to be me.

She also said something that struck me, that as each person crosses the finish they announce their name followed by “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN”.  I bet money when I hear that I start bawling.  That’s OK.  I will have earned it.

My bike this morning was a hour in Z1, recovery pace.  I needed it, because there have been some hard intervals lately.  Tomorrow’s bike is going to have several intervals in Z4, so better to rest up now.

I had a swim tonight too, but unfortunately we are full on lightning in the area all the way past 10PM.  Again.  There’s no way it will hold off long enough for me to do the full planned workout, and I am too exhausted from a long workday to try and wait it out anyway.  So I did some brutal ladder sets with my swim bands after walking the munchkin.  It’s not the SAME as being in the water, but I can feel the burn in my arms!


So tired of weather maps that look like this on my swim nights.

If you ever sign up for one of these events, go to the webinar.  It will calm your mind and steel your resolve, even if you know everything already.  I’m so glad they do these.

I can do this.

I WILL be an Ironman.

One thought on “Feeling more confident, but lightning sucks

  1. I liked this one. I like the psychological ones best, I guess. This picture didn’t come through — maybe it was weak campground wifi. Anyway, can you put it one our share sight. I’ll hold that image for you too. Mom

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