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Chafing, giving blood and other gross things

Apr 3: Day 50

Planned Workouts:

Today: Rest Day


  1. Run, 5 minutes in Z1, 70 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1
  2. Swim, 250 yd Z1, 500 yd Z3, 500 yd Z2, 250 yd Z1 Cancelled due to ouchie.

Weight: 173

Before I talk about my IM journey, I saw something today that really turned my head and stomach.  I routinely go to the convenience store to get a diet soda.  It’s one of my few vices, and I think we all need a vice or two to keep life fun.  Diet soda is mine.  Anyway, while checking out I saw this:636234309196873923-161219-Oreo-Peeps-Render.jpg


Gross. Moving on.

Yesterday for my run I had 80 minutes, which for me at those zones is about 8.5-9 miles.  It wasn’t raining, but it was misting, the kind of stuff that leaves droplets all over your body and gets everything really soaked.  I stupidly did not use any body glide on my *ahem* sensitive areas.  Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, but with the extreme wet I ended up with some chafing issues by the end of this run.  Nothing totally debilitating, but man, it hurt.  It hurt enough that when it came time to go to the pool, I did NOT want anything to do with getting into heavily chlorinated water.  I ended up skipping that workout.

Oh well.  At least it was my on the lower parts of my body and not on the nipples.  I’ve had that too, and there is little worse while running.2204911164_2c6dea38ee

Today is a rest day, and also the local blood drive.  This is always a debate for me when I want to donate during training.  While giving blood doesn’t bother me at all, I can feel pretty lethargic for several days after I do it.  I generally try to avoid it anywhere near a race, but since the race isn’t until October I decided to go ahead and do it.  It does mean I skipped my fasting day today, because somehow that seems REALLY foolish.

Besides, I love having the assistant do double-takes at my sub 60 pulse.  And the fruit snacks.  Man do I love these fruit snacks.  I think on some level I’m still 8 years old.


Of course, my bad luck with donating blood continues.  I always seem to get the same worker who now, 3 times running, has missed my vein and had to redo it.  Now, I’ve given blood dozens of times and I’ve always been told I have great veins.  Never had a problem, except with this person.  If you’ve never had this happen, let me tell you, it sucks.  Normally you barely feel the needle, even while squeezing.  But if they stick it wrong?  It feels like someone stuck a chopstick 2 inches into your arm.  Plus, you get some bad bruising.  I don’t have actual photos, but these are really close to what has happened to me:


It’s still worth it though, if it saves a life, I’d deal with this stuff every time.  What about you all?  Do you donate blood in-season, and has it worked out OK?

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