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Reset buttons and sharing music–harder than they sound.

Apr 4: Day 51

Planned Workouts:

Today: Run, 5 minutes Z1, 5 minutes Z2, 4 x (5 minutes Z3/3 minutes Z1) 5 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1

Weight: 173

I woke up this morning ready to make a change.  Hit the reset button, if you will.

For the last weeks I’ve been paying lip service to eating healthier but not actually doing it.  I usually eat great meals and do well during the day.  But then after dinner I go off the rails.  I’ve had cookies, ice cream, bagel chips, pretzels, snack mix, popcorn, etc.  I mean, not all at once but usually something every night.  I’m holding steady on the scale because I exercise so much, but I’d be feeling so much better if I cut the crap out.

So, I tossed a lot of snacks out the door today.  Yeah, it’s a food waste, but honestly I can’t keep it in the house and expect it to not get eaten.  By me.  At the stupidest of times.  I think a lot of us are like that: we don’t think about it unless it’s there, and when it is, we rationalize eating it.  Getting rid of it is the best step I can make right now.


Different Crap, Same Idea

Now to not BUY anymore crap for a while.

My run this morning was OK.  It was the same run as last week but there was no chest thumping in glee because the blood donation yesterday took a toll.  I did fine on the intervals, but ended up walking after the last one because I felt a bit woozy.  THAT’S not good.  Hopefully my body recovers quickly because I have some tough workouts this week.

While I was running my mind wandered onto the idea of sharing my running playlist on this blog.  Sharing music is surprisingly hard. Music is so personal to me, as it is to so many people.  It’s a window into your soul to show someone a playlist.  That makes me (and I’m sure others) kind of secretive about it.  Granted my whole life is not my running playlist, and my actual “me” playlist has 10X more music on it than the stuff I work out to.  Some of the music that most speaks to my soul isn’t part of the running list.  Still, there’s a lot there and frankly some stuff that is a tad bit embarrassing to admit I find inspiring.  However, I’m committed to documenting this process and the music that gets me there is a rather large part of it, so share it I will….


…..eventually.  Turns out sharing music is surprisingly hard from a technical standpoint too.  Here I was thinking I could just export it or cut and paste it cleanly into a document that just had the song title and artist.


You CAN export a playlist, but you get a gobbledegook text file that is unformatted and has EVERYTHING, all the data associated with that song.  About 20 data points.  That would be a pain to edit, so no.  I then tried to select all and copy/paste it into a document that way, but that actually pasted the audio files.  I finally figured out how to get it into a text document I can eventually post, but it still has a ton of extra crap I’d want to take out and format before I do.  I’ll get it done eventually and share it, but it’s going to be a side project for now.


Apple, when they designed iTunes

If anyone has a great workaround for that I’d love to hear it.  Meanwhile, have a great day.  Cheers!

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