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Running with a Buddy

Apr 7: Day 54

Planned Workouts:

  1. Run, 30 min Z1
  2. Swim, 20 minute bands

Weight: 171

Whoa, 171.  Rarified air for me lately, but it probably is a direct result of tossing out all the crapola and being a little more consistent with good food choices.  Good thing too, because for a while there my food intake planning was sorta like this:


Totally stole this from a friend’s FB post too.


Went for my run this morning and took the girl with me.  She is an exceptional runner, and has gone 11 miles with no problems (and come home ready to play) but she does a lot better at a consistent pace than doing a ton of intervals.  I do a TON of intervals, so it’s rare I can just relax and take her with me.

She of course, was all in on this idea.

IMG_0123 (2).jpg

There is a sledding hill in the park about a mile from my house.  Huge mound with 3 different tracks.  One is really long and sort of wraps all the way around and has the most gradual incline. Another one wraps inside of that one and is steeper, and then there’s a really steep one that goes straight down.  We haven’t really had much luck getting enough snow to sled on it lately, but when we do it’s a lot of fun for the kids.

At 6:30am on a Friday, with no snow, it’s also completely deserted, away from traffic and other people.  It’s a perfect place to let the girl run off leash.  I ran up each sledding track once in order of increasing inclines.  It’s a good add-on to the workout (although hardly a Z1 effort!) and then back down.  Meanwhile Scully raced in circles around me and probably went up and down 3 times for every trip I took.  Girl had an absolute ball.  If you’ve never been around an Australian Shepherd, they are REALLY energetic dogs so it was great to let her just run full speed for a while and get some of that out.


On the way home, we saw this sunrise.  It was actually prettier 10 minutes earlier but I didn’t have a clear view.  Just a perfect way to start a Friday.  Let’s hope the rest of my day (and yours) go as well.  Cheers!

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