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Running in Abilene

Apr 8: Day 55

Planned Workout: Run, 5 min Z1, 80 min Z2, 5 min Z1

Weight: 171 (at least it was yesterday.  I didn’t weigh at 4:30 am today)

Today I went to a marathon.

It wasn’t my marathon, I was accompanying the wife to her event. She was running the Eisenhower half marathon in Abilene. I have disavowed any events until Louisville to save some $ and to keep on my training as planned. This is necessary because the IM was so expensive and I never am able to execute a workout while in an event.

Abilene KS is a pretty small town in the middle of nowhere, but it is where Eisenhower grew up and where his Presidential Museum and Library are. I know it for that and the Russell Stover Factory Outlet (which is a weakness of mine) and little else. Since I needed to entertain myself for about 2.5 hours, I decided to get my 90 minute run in today around the town.

That was really cool.

One of the things about running in new places is you get out of your routine, which makes things interesting. Another is the nature of running means you see more than driving through a place.  I learned on my adventure today that Abilene is a really, really cute town. The place is chock full of streets that look like this:

Or houses that look like this:

Or historic spots like this:

There are not a lot of sidewalks, so that was a struggle at times. But it was worth it to come upon views like this:

Or to see one of my favorite animals, a Shetland Pony!

Of course, I had a great run with so many interesting distractions. When I was done, I wandered around the Eisenhower complex a little to kill the remaining time. Here are some of the shots from that:

And the wife had a great race and was very happy with her time. So great day all around so far!

While waiting I had brought a change of clothes to use because I knew I would want them.  I changed in the car, under the top I had brought with me for the cool morning air.  It’s not the first time I’ve done that, changing in the car down to well, everything, while remaining in a bucket seat and covered by spare clothing.  It’s not terribly unlike a skill I’ve seen women employ, which is pulling off a bra underneath a shirt while not actually removing the shirt.  When I first saw that I didn’t think there would be too many situations where I’d be removing my undergarments in public.  Little did I know at the time the direction my life would be taking….

Hope your Saturdays are going as awesome. Have a fun adventure!  Cheers!

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