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Workouts on no sleep

Apr 18: Day 65

Today’s Workouts: BRICK

  1. Bike, 5 minutes Z1, 20 minutes Z2, 3 x (5 minutes Z3/3 minutes Z1) 5 minutes Z2, 6 minutes Z1
  2. Run: 5 minutes in Z1, 20 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1

Weight: Who knows?

Happily now that Easter is over, the Oreo Peeps can go away and stop turning my stomach.  Unfortunately, yesterday I saw yet another snack food in the convenience store that made me shake my head.

DSCN5097.jpgOK folks, seriously.  This is a thing that should not exist.  Especially the SnoBalls.  Those are already one of the grossest things I can think of outside of Peeps.

That being said….if and when I do have a Twinkie (which is like, once every 10 years) I have to say freezing them and eating them frozen is definitely the way to do it.  But Twinkie Ice Cream is still not something I ever want to experience.

Last night was one of those nights that I couldn’t string meaningful sleep together at all.  Too many things on my mind.  I think I saw all the digits on the clock except the 1, so I know I got an hour or two in there somewhere.  It just so happened to occur on a day when I had 90 minutes of exercise to do before work, so it was an early wakeup.  I got up about 4:45 completely unrested for the workout.

Interestingly enough I’ve had experience like this before, but it’s usually on race days I can’t sleep.  I always worry that I’ll suffer a bad performance because of the lack of sleep, or have a race where I’m basically sleep-walking.  Something like this:


Oddly, it almost never happens.  Usually by race time I don’t even feel tired.  I decided I would use a race morning strategy this morning to see if it helped, which is eat an easily digestible snack just before the workout and then another before the run.  Today I chose a pack of Clif Bloks, which are chewy gummy-like things with electrolytes.  Somehow that little bit of calories gives a kickstart just before I get going.

You know what?  It worked!  I had a great workout all around.  I felt really strong and alert throughout my intervals and had no problem heading out for my transition run.  That was really encouraging.  It was also fun to see my watch tell me I had achieved 200% of my movement goal….before 7AM.

Of course, now the endorphins have worn off and I can feel the fatigue of both 90 minutes of exercise AND no sleep.   I have 7 more hours of work to get through too.  Hopefully I can make it through the day without falling asleep at my desk.


Failing that, I hope I at least don’t drool on my keyboard.


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