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Staycation is here!

Apr 21: Day 68

Today’s Workout: Swim, 250 yd Z1, 3 x (500 yd Z2, 60″ rest) 250 yd Z1

Weight: 174

Sometimes my weight bounces and I completely get where it’s coming from.  This morning was a surprise.  I’ve been pretty on point with my nutrition all week.

Maybe it’s hormonal.

Anyway, STAYCATION IS HERE!  Well, it is after today.  I’ll be taking a week off work and going exactly nowhere.  Can’t really afford to go anywhere with the big trip already planned in October, and I need a mental break from work.


It’s something I don’t do often enough, I think.  Usually I’m the type who has close to maxed vacation in the bank and only takes time off for big, big things.  Sometimes though, I think it’s good to actually, truly, take a break.  Full on vacations can be just as stressful as work sometimes with the travel, strange places, strange food, hectic scheduling of “fun”, etc.  Weekends are usually so chock full of “have-to” things you’ve saved up all week that you never really relax either.  I’m really looking forward to a true break.

I’ll definitely take advantage of the flexibility and do some workouts NOT at 5AM, which will be great.  Another thing I plan to do is have a daily adventure, and do something I’ve never done before during each of the 9 days.  Hopefully that will help keep things relaxing and fun and I won’t be tempted to just sit around the house and do cleaning or chores.  Maybe I’ll even describe my adventures!

Looking forward to getting in the pool tonight, since it’s now been over a week since I last actually swam in water.  Rain is in the forecast, but no lightning.  Rain is fine.  It’s not like I won’t be getting wet anyway…

Have a great weekend folks.  Cheers!

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