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That Feeling When…

Apr 27: Day 74

Today’s Workout: Run, 10 minutes Z1, 4 x (15 minutes Z2/5 minutes Z1)

Weight: 174

…you get hit in the crotch by water while running on the busiest street in town.

wet self

Sprinklers are a funny thing for runners.

On hot days, they’re great.  They can be a moment of refreshment that can give you a bit of a boost.  I’ve actually run INTO sprinklers on purpose to have that wonderful cool water during a hot day’s run.

But that isn’t so great on a cold day.

So on my run today, as I was about an hour in and heading up what is basically the main thoroughfare at lunch hour, I noted someone had their sprinklers going.  NEVERMIND that we’ve gotten enough rain around here in the last month to grow a rainforest, their sprinklers were going.  This is not a wide sidewalk so I didn’t have much room to maneuver, but I did my best.

Unfortunately it was the type of sprinkler that strobes.  And right as I ran by, it strobed right into my crotch.

At first, all I worried about was the icy water hitting my sensitive areas on what was a fairly brisk Spring day.  It was about 50 or so.  Not terrible, but not really a day I wanted soaked shorts.  Not to mention that can cause chafing and all sorts of other issues.  I was merely mildly annoyed at that point.

Then, when I got to an intersection and needed to wait for the light to change, I looked down.  Yeah.  Without the context of a sprinkler in sight, now I have this gigantic wet spot on the front of my shorts.

And I am suddenly, very, VERY conscious that I am running into traffic, and there are dozens of cars.


Mustering as much dignity as I could, I finished my run.  It’s not like I actually wet myself, but that’s exactly how it looked.  All I could do was laugh.

Other than that it was a great run, very nice day out and perfect for it.  Not working made it so I could do it mid-morning rather than at 0 dark-thirty before work.  I need to enjoy that luxury while I have it.

At any event, it’s good I can laugh about it.  Now.  Cheers!

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