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One more week of “Pre-IM” training, and silly little motivations.

May 1: Day 78

Today’s Workouts: Rest day

Weight: 174

It seems odd to write on day 78 that my ~real~ IM training begins in two weeks.  But that’s the case.  I have built up over the past 11 weeks a solid foundation to step directly into my training plan, but I haven’t actually begun yet.  This will be my last week of foundation training, followed by a trainer-recommended week off.

Then it gets real.

Oddly enough, looking ahead it will actually be a slight step backwards in intensity from week 12 of this foundational work to week 1 of the real plan.  It’s probably a good thing in the long run though because the training is much like the event: it’s an endurance test, not a speed test.

I’m ready though.  Lets get this thing rolling.

With no scheduled workout today I thought I would share a funny little motivation.  As I wrote earlier I have an Apple Watch which I’ve enjoyed training with, but it also keeps me honest on day-to-day stuff.  It has 3 separate movement goals it wants you to hit each day, and a separate circle that fills as you complete each goal.  These are for exercise, calories and standing.  As you complete different goals you can earn badges, which mean nothing but oddly enough keep you filling the circles.  Yesterday I finally earned a badge for meeting my calorie goal for a calendar month.

I actually had an ENTIRE perfect month for all three circles, but I don’t get a badge for that.  😦


It seems silly that I hadn’t hit that yet, but stuff just kept happening and I would miss ONE day.  Last March 3 apparently I burned 497/500 calories, which was enough to kill the month.  So I had the odd combination of a 57 day consecutive calorie goal streak but hadn’t earned the month badge.  Then, when the pool closed yesterday I began scrambling to get those 500 calories in some other way on a rainy, miserable day.  This led to me comically running in place in front of the TV, making unnecessary trips through the house while jogging, etc.

Scully my dog was tremendously entertained by it all.

I did it though, I closed the ring and got my silly badge on my silly watch.  And I stayed more motivated to move than I would have otherwise.


Even with an IM coming up, I can still get excited about closing a 500-calorie ring on my watch.  I guess I never have grown up.


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