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Breaking in new shoes….and when did fluorescents become a thing again??!?

May 5: Day 82

Today’s Workouts: Run, 5 minutes Z1, 10 minutes Z2, 20 minutes Z3, 10 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1

Weight: 173

Does everyone dread breaking in new running shoes, or is it just me?


I’ll admit, I’m THAT guy.  The guy who has holes in the tops of his running shoes and has worn all the way through the sole so you can see the colorful spongy part underneath before I finally replace my shoes.  I know, it’s bad for my feet, but breaking in new shoes can be painful.  I always feel so clunky in them (probably because the sole is actually there) and getting the laces right so they are tight on my feet but don’t pinch anywhere usually takes 4-5 runs.


Yeah, I’d rather put it off and run another hundred miles in my shoes than that.  I know, it’s a quirk I need to get over.  But nonetheless, it’s real.

I mention all this because I put today’s run into a new pair of shoes after ignoring my Strava warning 8 times that I’d put too many miles on my old pair.  I think they have over 800 now.  I’m especially wary this year because another thing I’ve dealt with is achilles issues that I swear come from breaking in new shoes.  So I need to time this so that I have a pair in good condition but fully broken in for the IM.  I think I need to buy my IM shoes now, put 100 miles on them, then put them away until the event.

Anyway, working on a college campus I usually get to see all the new fashion trends.  For years now, I have charted the change of seasons by when the young ladies switch out their leggings for Nike soccer shorts and back.  It’s like clockwork.  But recently I’ve noticed one of the worst fashion trends of the 80s coming back: Neon.


The real reason to “Just Say No”

Suddenly it’s pretty much EVERYWHERE.  I sort of get it for running outside in twilight for visibility, or as an accent on your shoes, but it appears to be back as a pure fashion statement.  People in head to toe, NEON.  Hats, jackets, shirts, shorts, leggings, socks, shoes, all looking like you ran through a highlighter factory explosion.  Omg, my eyes, they bleed.

Maybe it’s just an 80s revival in general?  Today I actually saw a 19ish woman wearing the denim jacket with buttons look.  You know, this one:


Anyway, that’s all I got today.  Cheers!

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