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The calm before the storm

May 8: Day 85

No workouts this week

Weight: 174


This is my prescribed week off.  I completed my 12 week off-season prep regimen, and now I have this instruction staring me in the face:

“This plan can be used for general fitness and weight loss. It s also intended to be able to be interrupted at any time when ready to begin Week 1 of your formal plan. However, I recommend that you take at least one week off, or cut the weekly volume in half, before starting Week 1 of your formal plan. Therefore, time the end of this plan for one week before your formal plan begins, but it does not have to end with Week 12.”

Well, my formal plan begins next Monday, so here we are.  I plan to take it easier, but I won’t be taking the whole week off.  First, I have the half marathon I am doing for fun on Saturday.  I’ll probably do a few light runs Tuesday and Thursday to stay loose for it.  Second, it will drive me nuts to just do nothing so probably I will add in one swim and one bike (at low intensities) just to again, stay loose.  However, I do vow to do the following which I think will help give me the physical and mental break I need before I start my 22 week full IM regimen:

  1. No workouts longer than 1 hour (other than the half, I’m not that fast).
  2. No workouts at higher intensity than Z2.
  3. No workouts in the morning!  I get to sleep past 4:30-5AM for the week.
  4. No more than one workout a day.
  5. At least two full days of rest.

It’s funny that I have to actually write out a plan on how NOT to exercise too much, but there it is.  The fact is, I DO get a little stir crazy during weeks like this, even though I know I need to rest.  The temptation is real.  However, I think these are reasonable and attainable goals for the week.


Because I won’t be doing much this week the blog may take a short hiatus.  I promise when my 22 week plan starts for real I’ll be back on fairly regularly to chronicle this journey.  Plus, I am sure I will share some stuff from the Running with the Cows half.  🙂

I hope everyone has a great Monday!  Cheers!

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