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Now it really begins

May 15: Day 92

No workouts today, 10 scheduled this week

Today is the first day of my IM training.  Now it’s real.  I have 22 weeks to get ready for this, and I am starting day 1 determined to train my mind and body, even with no workouts today.

That starts first with doing the little things right.  I plan to do the following this week to get everything kick-started and hopefully set the right tone for all my training.

  1. Improve my diet quality using Matt Fitzgerald’s Racing Weight principles.  I have followed these before and felt great, but have gotten off the wagon a bit.  Now is the time to get back to eating smarter, not less.
  2. Plan all my workout times in advance.  They are on my calendar at specific times.  This should help keep them from being OBE (Overcome by events)
  3. Go to bed at 10PM or earlier every night.  I have early morning workouts basically Monday-Friday, and there will be days on the weekends I will want an early start due to the heat and volume.  I need the rest.
  4. No alcohol this week.  I usually drink a 2oz bourbon with dinner every night, but I don’t need the empty calories.

Hopefully this will help set the tone even in what will be an extraordinary week as I am babysitting a friends ferrets, having my son graduate high school, and having my wife’s parents come in for a visit around those festivities.  Heck, if I can stick to all that during a week like this, normal weeks should be a snap.

I promised a Running with the Cows report and I definitely have the pictures, but I am a bit ashamed to say I completely failed to do the race “easy” and actually beat my time from the previous year.  I did go easy the first two miles though!  I think that’s a win.

You can get a sense of the charm of this race from some of those photos  I love the cow logo and the fact that not only do they put names on the bibs, they train the volunteers to use them.  I heard my name at least 10 times on the course.  That’s a nice touch you don’t always see.  Those racks of clothes are part of the fundraiser, and they are really successful from what I can see.  Obviously that’s a bit more food than a banana and a bagel for the runners afterwards too….

I love the cow balloons.  They had those all over.  Lastly, the race medal has 8 cows on it to celebrate their 8th race.  The cow in the upper right is actually a remooooveable lapel pin (had to do it).  I love this race.

Today’s focus: eat right and rest up.  Big week ahead.  Wish me luck!

Cheers 🙂

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