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Week 1 in the books, 21 to go

May 22, Day 99

Yesterdays Workout:

  • 1500m swim, open water/wetsuit practice
  • 60 min run, 5min Z1, 50min Z2, 5min Z1


What a whirlwind weekend.

I covered Saturday, well, Saturday, but yesterday was a doozy.  Got up well before 7am Sunday to get that 60 minute run in.  Weather was wonderful.  I am going to miss these 40 degree mornings to run in.  Unlike the rest of the week with thunderstorms and tornado warnings, Sunday was completely calm and clear.  Inspired by the cool air and wonderful morning, I felt great on this run and had to reel myself in to stay within the zones.  One thing at a time.  We all have workouts that suck, so workouts where you just feel invincible are nice to counterbalance that.

Then it was a hurried clean-up and change to have birthday breakfast out with my dad, who turned 76.  In all we had 9 members of the family come out and it was a great chance to spend some time with him before we got into the next celebration of the day.

But first things first.  After breakfast settled a bit it was time to hit the lake and get in a swim.  The water was very cold to start but again, clear and calm conditions.  Luckily there weren’t any boats for this swim to really dodge, and again, I felt great in the water. Wonderful workout.

By the time we got home from THAT, it was noon and time to clean up and get ready for graduation for my older son.  We got him out the door and then headed out a short time later.  The graduation was at the university basketball stadium, and I think it was about a class of 400 from my count.  Before the ceremony I jokingly predicted the cliches we would hear at the commencement, and considered what a fun drinking game it would be to drink every time I heard one of my predictions come true.  Probably a good thing I didn’t actually do it, because I would have drained the flask.

All kidding aside, it was a really proud moment for me and as I watched my son I thought back to when he was born and how quickly time flies.  That’s yet another reason it’s important I get this IM done now and not put it off any longer–time goes quick and someday I may not be able to do it.  Or I may not even be here.  Who knows the future?


The birthday boy, the graduate, and me photobombing them.

After graduation he came home with us and had a short celebration where he got graduation gifts and ate a dessert of his choice.  By far the best picture of the graduate came from this.


After that, he took off to celebrate with friends, and we got some chinese takeout out of pure exhaustion.  Frankly eating out twice in a day is bad for my plan, but sometimes life happens and you just have to roll with it.  By the time dinner was done, my tank was empty and I was ready to go to bed.  I made myself stay up until my normal bedtime though, because thats a trap for me–yeah, I may get to sleep at 8, but I’ll wake up unable to sleep anymore at 3:30am.

All in all, great day but a hectic one.  Today is great day for a mental and physical rest.  Looking forward to stepping into week 2 tomorrow.  Cheers!



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