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Glad it’s Friday

May 26, Day 103

Yesterdays Workouts:

  • 60 min bike, 5 minutes Z1, 40 minutes Z2, 15 minutes Z3

Today’s Workouts:

  • 45 min run, Z1
  • 1750m swim, 300 yd Z1, 1150 yd Z2, 300 yd Z1


Wednesday I was able to get back in the pool for the first time in weeks.  It felt weird, but it was good to do since that’s really the best way for me to do speed work.  It’s hard in the open water to know when you’ve gone specific distances and rest.

It was also a bit weird because this guy in a speedo decided that, despite the fact only two lanes were in use and there were 5 open lanes between us, to get in the lane next to me.  It’s kinda like in the guy’s restroom when there are several urinals and you are at the end, and someone walks past 3 open ones to use the one next to you.  I mean, sure, there’s nothing WRONG with it….but it’s kinda like uh, why?


Yesterday’s bike was deceptively tough with 15 minutes of Z3 at the end and no cool-down.  I battled through the early part of the Z2 thinking no way, but I was able to hold Z3 all 15 minutes.  That was a confidence boost, and a needed one.  Three bikes on consecutive mornings seems to be the way this plan goes, so it will be an adjustment since he makes the hard one on the third day.  Good training though.

Today’s run was pleasant at Z1.  This is one of those workouts that is deceptively effective because you don’t always need speed, sometimes you need to just log some time while you recover from the hard work.  Keeping it in Z1 allows me to be running for 45 minutes while saving my energy for later work.

Need to hit the pool tonight again because it is closed for Memorial Day.  Speaking of that, hope everyone has a great long weekend.  Cheers!

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