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Ebbing, not flowing atm

June 14, Day 122

Yesterdays Workouts:

  • 45 min run, 5 minutes Z1, 5 minutes Z2, 10 x (1 minute Z5 uphill/2 minutes Z1) 5 minutes Z1
  • 50 min bike, 5 minutes in Z1, 40 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1

Today’s Workouts:

  • 50 min bike, 5 minutes in Z1, 40 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1
  • 1750 swim, 500 yd Z1, 5 x (100 yd Z3/15″ rest) 250 yd Z1, 10 x (25 yd Z5/10″ rest) 250 yd Z1


You may remember how all last week I kept saying how great I felt, how on point my workouts were, how everything was going smoothly.

Yeah.  I need to learn to keep my mouth shut.

It has been hot as I mentioned, and that is making things challenging enough.  However, the way training has stacked up this week isn’t helping.  My first workout contained 10 hill repeats at max effort, one minute each, 2 minutes rest.  I decided to do that one in the morning because it was going to be over 90 by the time I got off work.  Which is never a good thing to run in, especially with 85% humidity.

When I got outside yesterday morning, my first thought was “Seriously?”.  It was already 75 with a temperature index of 82.  There wasn’t a breath of cool air in the breeze either. I gutted it out and did all 10 repeats but it sucked the life out of me, to the point I had a hard time focusing during the day.

Last night I did my bike and then a second one this morning less than 12 hours later.  I felt OK while doing those but when I got to work, every time I moved I let out an involuntary groan of discomfort.  My legs do not want to move, at all, and I am exhausted enough to just want to take a nap.


Pretty much me, except at a desk and not so contented looking.

Tonight’s swim has 10 max effort sprints in it also.  And tomorrow’s bike is the one with the intervals. It’s not getting any easier.  But then, it’s not going to be any easier in Louisville, so suck it up I shall.

Today was snack attack at work, and I let myself have a cookie.  Probably not a good idea, but I don’t care at this point lol.

Here’s hoping I make it to the weekend without being caught asleep at my desk and still being able to climb stairs.  Hope your weeks are going well.  Cheers!

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