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A first time experience

June 17, Day 125

Yesterdays Workouts:

40 min run, Z1
1600y swim, 300 Z1, 1000 Z2, 300 Z1

Today’s Workout:

105 min bike, 5 minutes in Z1, 85 minutes Z2, 15 minutes Z3

So, yeah, that bike today?  Not a typo. It is specifically designed to put the hardest work at the very end to simulate high intensities while in a fatigued state.

My workout plan is trolling me, because I was already in a fatigued state after this week.


I got Thursdays bike and Wednesdays swim done fine, but the intervals left me exhausted. I actually took a short nap at lunch.  Thankfully Friday’s run was at recovery intensity and that helped.  Last nights swim though I seriously considered skipping and just doing Sunday. Then I realized the pool is closed on the weekends.  All the weekends. All summer.  I guess that’s the fallout from not enough lifeguards. That, folks, is a serious hurdle.  I have Sunday swims all summer long, and Sunday is a big day for recreational use out at the lake.  Fish hooks abound.

One more thing to overcome I guess.

Last night at the pool I had a seriously fun time people watching. No really, it’s kinda boring and what else can you do but notice people around you? There was the 40 something in the Stars and Stripes bikini who spent at least 10 minutes tucking her pigtails into her swim cap before she got in the water.  There was the woman with her boyfriend who left her eyeglasses on while swimming laps. And then here was the young guy next to me playing “beat the swimmer”.

Ive mentioned this before, when someone casual waits for a swimmer to hit the wall then takes off like a banshee for one pool length to try and beat them. It’s an ego thing or something, only this guy could not do it.  He tried 3 times waiting for me to come to the wall and taking off at exactly the same time.  Then he tried a few more times, giving himself a little head start. Then a little more.  Then a little more.  It never worked, because he just wasn’t a very experienced swimmer.

After maybe 6 attempts though, he did something I’ve never seen. I was in lane 6, he in lane 5. He got out of the pool, went down to lane one, and got back in over there.

Dude, it’s ok.  Nothing to be ashamed of.  I’ve been swimming 2-3x a week for years.


Todays bike will be later than normal because I am at one of the wife’s events again.  I should enjoy this bike, I think it’s the last one I do on this plan sub 2 hours on a weekend. 10 miler running tomorrow morning to follow.  Glutton for punishment that I am, looking forward to it.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads. Cheers!

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