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Dealing with distractions

June 24, Day 132

Thursday’s Workouts: BRICK

60 min bike, 5 minutes Z1, 15 minutes Z2, 20 minutes Z3, 15 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1
30 min run, Z1

Fridays workout: cancelled, OBE

Today’s Workout: Run 10 minutes Z1, 10 minutes Z2, 20 minutes Z3, 10 minutes Z2, 10 minutes Z1


Life doesn’t always cooperate with the plan.

It’s supposed to get out of the way, you know?  Life is supposed to say “oh hey, big thing you are doing there.  Wanna be supportive, so hey I’ll just sit in the background and not be too demanding whilst you go get ready for that IM. See you in a few months”. Of course, it doesn’t work that way.

Havent blogged as much because I have been really, really busy with other stuff.  There is a lot happening at work right now and a lot happening in general. Some of it is good stuff, some of it stressful, all of it time consuming.  For example, I got approved to take a course I’ve wanted to take for training but it is a lot of extra work and studying to dig into. I wanted to do it last year, but this was the year I got the approval.  So that’s on my plate.

Also, a lot of new stuff.  I did a 45 minute presentation on no less than three new initiatives I’ve rolled out in the last month at last weeks leadership meeting, and I’ve got to do it again for another department soon.  That’s all good, but rolling those things out is a lot of projects at once.

And I just got word there’s going to be a lot more on my plate shortly, potentially.  Not official yet.  More on that later.

Oh, and I just got my car back from the shop after repairing a slight accident.


So there’s a lot of life going on, and finding time has been difficult,  Especially with training ramping ever upward.  Had my first BRICK (bike + run = ick) Thursday, then got skunked out of swimming Friday and Sunday by the pool being closed both days and there being a big concert out at the lake where I would swim all weekend.


Had a similar run to the one I bonked on 3 weeks ago this morning and did much better.  The training is still on target even with all the distractions.  Hopefully it stays that way.

Have a great weekend. Cheers!

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