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Janie. Or Julie. Or something.

July 20, Day 158

Weeks workouts so far: 

  • Swim 1500y total: 150 yd Z1, 6×200 yd Z3, 15s rest, 150 yd Z1 (at least that was the plan)
  • 2 Bikes 1 hour Z1 + 65min 5 minutes Z1, 10 minutes Z2, 4 x (7 minutes Z3/3 minutes Z1) 5 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1
  • Run 45m: 15 minutes Z1, 4 x (2.5 minutes Z4/5 minutes Z1)


First off, some great news: I get to keep my whiteboard!  So, I can continue my countdown and not redraw my M-Dot.  That makes me happier than it probably should.

Next Friday is moving day.  It’s a 3 office switch since my boss wants my office, and the person moving out of my new office is taking my bosses old office.  Logistics will be interesting to say the least.

Good workouts so far this week, although I was ravenous after the one this morning and not really into my normal modest breakfast, so I splurged and went Sonic.  Love, love love their breakfast burritos and tots.  Can’t do it all the time, but I can do it occasionally.


That is, good workouts except my swim yesterday.  That was surreal.

I got to the pool at 7:31, one minute after it opened.  I verified this with their official clock on the wall.  Somehow, every single lane was already taken by people actively swimming.  Apparently there was a lineup waiting to get in exactly at 7:30.  I thought I would be OK one minute late, but apparently not!  Serves me right for thinking.

So, I got my stuff ready and sat down on the bench near the pool to wait.  Usually someone gets out after 10-15 minutes.  While I was waiting, a young lady walks up to me and strikes up a conversation.  Her name was Janie.  Or Julie.  Or something.  I honestly don’t remember through the whirlwind.  Let me try to capture her story.

Janie was interested in my triathlon bag because she has done triathlons, which one did I do?  Oh that’s cool she did IM Colorado but had to quit because of the heat on mile 80 and it was terrible she hasn’t done one since and now she’s thinking she wants to get back into it but it’s been a long time but then she met this girl on Facebook who is also into triathlon and she’s a trainer here and a grad student and obtw J is also a grad student in statistics and she tells people that and they’re like “no way” and she’s like “yeah, an extroverted statistics masters student, who knew?” and they’re like “in what?” and she’s like “I dunno, it’s just stats” but anyway so this other girl was like GET OUT THERE so she ran for the first time in a year on Sunday for 10 miles but it was so hot and now she was bored tonight and her boyfriend had a guys night out so she was bored and decided to swim I mean what the heck right and did I do the legend?  She did it and it was so hot that day she was crying (side note, this was the race I DNFd so I was totally with her there) but she finished it and it wasn’t bad and

At this point, a lane came open.  J had been talking for 20 minutes.  I invited her to share the lane, which she agreed to.  My 30 minute swim took an hour because she wanted to talk during every rest interval.  During the rest intervals, I learned:

  1. J is 22.
  2. Has an adopted dog that she doesn’t know the mix of
  3. The dog is scared of fireworks
  4. J is scared of racing at altitude
  5. J wants to do IM Colorado in 2018
  6. J’s boyfriend may not go to IM Colorado because he has a boss that’s into motorcycles and if he has a motorcycle thing that weekend hey boyfriend can’t go.
  7. J has checked out hotels but they are filling up so she might crash with a friend, who is two hours away.
  8. J doesn’t want to crash with said friend because she is 2 hours from the race start and J doesn’t want to drive that far.
  9. J has no idea if anyone will go with her (at this point I had this uncomfortable feeling she wanted me to offer).
  10. J may crash in the transition area, what the hell right?
  11. J is doing some weird set that are 75m and then rest but she lost track and has no idea how far she went.
  12. J was going to stop but she saw me keep going and so she said OMG, I’ll keep going too.
  13. J is scared of failing at IM colorado even though she has no goal.
  14. J doesn’t have a watch.


I’m sure I’m forgetting something.  She continued to talk to me after I got out of the pool and was showing me pictures of her dog when she got a text from her boyfriend who apparently locked himself out of the apartment.  God Bless you dude.  I might still be at the pool if not for you doing that.


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