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110 degrees can go away, like, now.

July 24, Day 162

Weekend workouts: 

  • Swims 2500y: 250 yd Z1, 4×500 yd Z2, 250 yd Z1
  • Bike 2 3/4 hours: 10 minutes Z1, 15 minutes Z2, 10 x (1 minute Z5 uphill or simulated/2 minutes Z1), 105 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1
  • Run 1 hour, 40 min: 5 minutes in Z1, 90 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1


This will probably be short because I am too distracted to be creative.

See the mostly empty whiteboard?  It’s got nothing else on it because I move out of this office this week and I took all the other stuff down.  Sadly, I don’t get to keep it, but they are going to put a whiteboard into my new office so I will redraw it down there.  That sucks, but since my boss is moving into this office and he decided he wanted THAT WHITEBOARD RIGHT THAR it got taken out of my hands.  At least today.  That decision has gone keep -> leave -> keep -> leave in less than a week, so who knows what it will be by the time I actually move.

Meanwhile, we have had a ridiculous heat wave and it sucks.  I mean really sucks.  I did a 60min Z1 run Friday morning and it was over 80 degrees before 6AM.  Sticky and gross heat too.  Saturday got up to 110.  That’s going to be a problem if it doesn’t break soon, because my next ride is 3 hours and they only get longer.  Same for my long runs, next one is 1:50.  I can’t completely avoid the blistering part of the day much longer.  I guess the good news is there is no way Louisville will be THIS hot so no matter what race day will be better than these training days.

I was looking around for a funny picture to illustrate the heat and found this picture of people baking cookies in their car.


Now it’s no longer about humor.  I think I need to do this.  Imagine how good your car would smell!  Imagine the incentive involved in coming back to your car from a workout with fresh baked cookies waiting for you!  Whoever thought of this?  Genius.

Of course, with my workouts I’d come back to burnt cookies.  Then it would be a cornucopia of sadness when your car smelt like burned cookies and you couldn’t eat them.  But still, I might take the chance anyway.  Because, awesome!

How are you dealing with the heat?  Cheers!


2 thoughts on “110 degrees can go away, like, now.

  1. Once again they are predicting a break in this heat later in the week. I think we heard that last week???? Guess I will stay positive and hope they are right….this time.

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