14 hour days and Positive Mindsets

August 9, Day 179

Last 2 days workouts:

  • Swim Open Water 3000 yards
  • Bike 90 min: 30 minutes Z1, 50 minutes Z2, 10 minutes Z1
  • Run 45 min: 5 min Z1, 5 min Z2, 3×6 min Z3 with 2 min rest, 5 min Z2, 5 min Z1


OK, here we go.  It’s on now.  On like Donkey Kong (whatever that means???).

Before I get into all that though, YAY FOR MY BOARD BEING BACK!  It’s actually been back for a while but this is the first opportunity I’ve taken since the move to photograph it.  Also…67 days now.  We’re getting close(r).  That’s just over 2 months away.  I got this.

I know I got it because the last 2 days have been ridiculous and I’ve overcome it with energy to spare.  Just like an Ironman should.

Today I got up at 5AM and did a 90 minute bike ride, then went to work and had meetings from 8-4PM, then got my whole workday done in about 90 minutes, then came home, put on my swimsuit, and went to the lake and swam 3000 meters.  I got home after 7PM and I literally had not stopped from 5AM to then.

This was after yesterday, when I had to deal with an all day work retreat which as we all know basically is a lost workday (you’re still expected to get all your work done in the margins though).  That day started about the same time getting out to run.

Now I’m in my chair, enjoying a Four Roses and feeling….well I feel just fine actually.

It doesn’t even matter to me right now that after a week and a half I sort of feel like this:

Conde Nast TagID: cncartoons025158.jpg/Photo via Conde Nast

I mean, it really doesn’t.  I know I’m putting in 110% and I’m making small progress after small progress.  I’m trusting that as I continue along that I am chipping away at it, and when I get to where I am headed I can look back and see the results of all those little victories.  And there have been a ton of them:

  • Doing the run intervals yesterday at full speed and feeling fantastic.
  • Getting a chance to sit with my team during the retreat and leading them in a creative activity.
  • Having the energy to enjoy my younger son getting his first car yesterday and having him take his dad for a ride in the back seat.
  • Helping the wife build her presentation for work and giving actual, real feedback last evening on how she might improve it.
  • Getting up this morning at 5AM and absolutely crushing 90 minutes of biking.
  • Finishing my 1:1 meetings with my staff today and having a great conversation with the folks that seemed most resistant to my coming on board, and each of us coming to a better understanding with one another.
  • Getting a contract that had been dropped by my predecessor through the hoops and to the point it’s (almost) signed.
  • Having a fantastic long swim that I didn’t want to do, but felt strong doing and now am glad I made happen.
  • Coming up with what feels like the RIGHT go forward strategy for my team while I was in the water for that hour, and feeling very confident in our direction going forward.

Even with all the drains on my time, my energy, and my will I’m still able to look at all those wins and say “It’s been a great few days!”.  Sure lots of crap happened too, but that’s not where I choose to live.  I choose to live in those wins.  It’s a choice we all can make, really, and one I have struggled with in the past.

But not today.  Today I am a winner.



Can’t get me down.  You just can’t.

August 3, Day 173

Weeks workouts:

  • Swim Open Water 1750 yards
  • Bike 1 hours: 5 minutes Z1, 5 minutes Z2, 30 minutes Z3, 5 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1
  • Run 45 min: 5 min Z, 5 min Z2, 25 min Z3, 5 min Z2, 5 min Z1

Can’t stop you from trying though, life.  Can it?

4 days down in the new position, and I can honestly say it’s the busiest I remember being in a long time.  So much to do, so much going on, so many things to learn.  I’ve been doing what I can to stay on top of it but I’d be lying to say I felt successful.  I know, only one day at a time and you can only do so much.  I’m just not very good at having so much on my plate that I can’t get to a logical stopping point at the end of the day.  I’m even worse when I’m not even sure I am doing the right stuff.

I’m doing my best though.  There’s something to be said for that I guess.

I can’t sleep at night, because that’s my only time to be creative.  Seriously.  I am keeping notes about all the great ideas I am getting between 3-5am.  My mind won’t stop working then, because during the day I am just bouncing from task to task, meeting to meeting, until I run out of time.  It’s ironic that they hired me partially because I am a strategic thinker, yet they won’t give me time…..to…..think.

That would be enough for most people.  However, FATE apparently knows I want to be an Ironman.  So it decided I could endure…..more.

On Tuesday I came out to the parking lot to find my car fender crumpled.  Apparently someone hit it and didn’t bother to own up or leave a note.  I just paid 1700 bucks to get the thing fixed from a different accident not even a month ago.  So that was crushing.

Today I came home to the double whammy of my dog chewing through my apple MacBook Pro power cable.  That’s a nice 80 dollar charge (yes, Scully is fine btw, thanks for asking in your mind).  Oh, and I got a jury summons to boot.  So there’s that.

Yet, here I sit and my spirits are not dampened.  I wouldn’t call them high per se, but I just refuse to let it get to me today.  I will endure.  I am going to be an Ironman.  I can handle this.

It’s funny how this thing I’ve been working so long for and haven’t achieved is what’s keeping me going.  I have a calm faith in myself that I can get past this.  I can get past anything.  I can endure.  I hope I am able to keep that faith through the race because that will make ALL the difference.

Meanwhile, say a prayer for me.  Make the Karma Gods go inflict punishment on someone else.  I’ve had enough.  Yes, I can take it, but it doesn’t mean I should always HAVE to.