Can’t get me down.  You just can’t.

August 3, Day 173

Weeks workouts:

  • Swim Open Water 1750 yards
  • Bike 1 hours: 5 minutes Z1, 5 minutes Z2, 30 minutes Z3, 5 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1
  • Run 45 min: 5 min Z, 5 min Z2, 25 min Z3, 5 min Z2, 5 min Z1

Can’t stop you from trying though, life.  Can it?

4 days down in the new position, and I can honestly say it’s the busiest I remember being in a long time.  So much to do, so much going on, so many things to learn.  I’ve been doing what I can to stay on top of it but I’d be lying to say I felt successful.  I know, only one day at a time and you can only do so much.  I’m just not very good at having so much on my plate that I can’t get to a logical stopping point at the end of the day.  I’m even worse when I’m not even sure I am doing the right stuff.

I’m doing my best though.  There’s something to be said for that I guess.

I can’t sleep at night, because that’s my only time to be creative.  Seriously.  I am keeping notes about all the great ideas I am getting between 3-5am.  My mind won’t stop working then, because during the day I am just bouncing from task to task, meeting to meeting, until I run out of time.  It’s ironic that they hired me partially because I am a strategic thinker, yet they won’t give me time……..think.

That would be enough for most people.  However, FATE apparently knows I want to be an Ironman.  So it decided I could endure…..more.

On Tuesday I came out to the parking lot to find my car fender crumpled.  Apparently someone hit it and didn’t bother to own up or leave a note.  I just paid 1700 bucks to get the thing fixed from a different accident not even a month ago.  So that was crushing.

Today I came home to the double whammy of my dog chewing through my apple MacBook Pro power cable.  That’s a nice 80 dollar charge (yes, Scully is fine btw, thanks for asking in your mind).  Oh, and I got a jury summons to boot.  So there’s that.

Yet, here I sit and my spirits are not dampened.  I wouldn’t call them high per se, but I just refuse to let it get to me today.  I will endure.  I am going to be an Ironman.  I can handle this.

It’s funny how this thing I’ve been working so long for and haven’t achieved is what’s keeping me going.  I have a calm faith in myself that I can get past this.  I can get past anything.  I can endure.  I hope I am able to keep that faith through the race because that will make ALL the difference.

Meanwhile, say a prayer for me.  Make the Karma Gods go inflict punishment on someone else.  I’ve had enough.  Yes, I can take it, but it doesn’t mean I should always HAVE to.