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Eclipsing personal bests

August 21, Day 191

Recent Personal Bests:

  1. 147 training miles over a 1 week period
  2. Longest bike ride (4 hours, 75.2 miles)
  3. New records for bike power over 60 and 90 minutes
  4. Longest swim (2 miles)


I’ve come to the realization that I no longer have time for posts every other day, or even twice a week.  The new job has me in a place where I get home, get my stuff done, and crash.  So, it’s going to have to be weekly from here on out until I get within about a week of the event.  At that point I will be off from work and can give all the details leading up to the event in detail.  For right now, though, it’s just not going to happen any more often.

Friday is a perfect example.  I did a 1 hour run in the morning, went to work where I had a “To Do” list that is (no joke) 47 items long, ate a quick lunch with family, then came back early so I could leave the office by 4:30 and get into the water.  I swam 70 minutes, grabbed a quick bite, showered, and then moved my son into the residence halls (he is a new college student this year).  By the time I got home–I crashed.

4698415189_75fec99470_zYeah.  This is me.

The weekend had several firsts for me as you can see.  I decided I would move to that format since it makes more sense with me posting weekly.  Plus it makes me feel pretty good about what I’ve been doing.  Because yeah, that’s a lot.

After my bike ride I was very sore, but oddly not in the legs: more the back and shoulders from balancing and being in a bent over position.  I realized then the trainer does a great job of preparing me for the physicality of pedaling, but there are so many other things going on over a long period outdoors on a bike that I need to get out on the road more.  That’s not very fun right now, because my allergies simply will not let go and I spent a lot of the ride wiping the tears out of my right eye.  That of course led to me using my left hand alone on the bars, which led to a very sore wrist.  Plus it was hot and sunny. So by the time I got done I had a mild sunburn, wrist, shoulders, back, and a right eye rubbed sore as hell.  But my legs felt OK.  Yay?


Somehow I still managed to put together a great run on Sunday, so I must be doing OK.  But I’m starting to look ahead and every week ramps it up a little more.  I hope I adjust quickly, or by October I’ll be wiped out completely.

Meanwhile, this is a “step-back” week so I won’t be going as long, but I’ll be going harder than usual.  Tomorrow instead of just run intervals I get to do it as a brick with a bike ride first.  Etc.  The whole week is like that.


On the good news front, the pool is open again!  The lake has been wreaking havoc on my allergies also, and it’s so silty and gross right now that I can’t wait to get back to the chlorine and bustle of the pool.

I have no life.  Deal with it.  Cheers!

no finish line.jpg

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