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Training takes many forms

Sept 11, Day 212

Recent Personal Bests:

  1. Longest bike ride (5 hours, 90.1 miles)
  2. Longest workout (5.5 hours)
  3. Most mileage in a week: 158
  4. Fastest on the road tire change: 12 minutes


Yep, that last is not really a mistake.

First of all, thoughts and prayers to all those affected by the events of 9/11 16 years ago today.  I still recall that with perfect clarity.

Last week was a strange week overall.  It was a tough week, a grueling one to be sure, but the training actually went pretty well all things considered.  I did my run intervals on Tuesday without a support brace and felt great.  It seems for now the hammy is healed and holding up fine.

Wednesday was a little bit of an off-day.  My morning ride was done on the trainer in front of the just released that morning Destiny 2 (this is where the “tech-geek” rears its head).  I did the ride OK but I was distracted at times by the game so I think my intensity slipped a bit.  I really enjoyed the ride though!  But then that night I completely shined the swim.  I just decided to play Destiny 2 instead, banking on my long swim Friday and the follow-up swim Saturday to be plenty.  And I wasn’t sorry one bit at the time.

Thursday morning I did over 15 miles before work.  I got off to a later start than I wanted because one of my headphones didn’t charge.  I still got it done on time, but it kind of discombobulated the rest of the day because I was rushing around trying to get to work and then things just sort of snowballed.  But still, it was a great run and I hit my paces perfect.  There was a full moon out and on the trail away from civilization you could see everything with perfect clarity.  Really, really beautiful.

Friday started out fine.  Did my ride again in front of Destiny 2 but by then I’d played enough it didn’t really affect the intensity.  I got to the pool Friday night ready to make up for my swim miss Wednesday, only to get to the door and see that the pool had been reserved for the evening by a student group.


My face looking at the door.

Oh, and the pool would be closed Saturday too.  FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

Saturday I had football tickets, and of course the kickoff was 11AM.  I got out to the lake early and did my long swim before kickoff, with just enough time left over to get to the stadium and watch the game.  It was very, very hot though, and by halftime I was ready to leave.  I didn’t want the heat to impact my big ride on Sunday, and it is sneaky exhausting to sit in the heat for 4 hours.  Plus I walk to the stadium and back, so add in 5 miles of walking in the heat.


Beautiful day for a game though!

Sunday’s ride came and I’d be lying to say I wasn’t intimidated a bit.  Last weeks ride wiped me out, and this one was longer.  I got out at 7AM hoping to beat the heat, and 20 minutes in I had a flat tire.  This in retrospect was a good thing, because I needed to practice changing one on the side of the road anyway.  If you’ve never changed a flat on a road or tri bike, it’s much more difficult than you realize to get the tire in and out of the rim.  You actually need special tools to do it which I carry in my bag.  I also carry CO2 canisters for speed inflation.

Everything got changed and I finished my ride on the tire without further issues.  I made a point of staying within myself the whole time and it worked wonders.  I got back from 5 hours of riding and actually ran most of the brick portion, walking only when I had a bit of an issue with cramps.  I had the energy to run at my target pace.

All in all, it was a very successful week.  This week will be less, then it’s ONE MORE BIG PUSH for two weeks before I start tapering.  34 days to go.  I got this.

I will leave you with one of the funniest and truest things I have read all month.  This might be exactly what I post for my race report.  Cheers!


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