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It’s odd how the little things are such a big deal sometimes.

Today I got a notification that the bib number assignments are out for Louisville.  My number is #2309.  For those of you who are REALLY BORED October 15th, you can use this number to track my progress throughout the event.

I mean really, really bored.  Remember, I am spending 13+ hours on this course.

It also tells me what TRI TATS to take.  See, for triathlon they number your body as well as provide you a bib number so that you are visible from all angles.  So, I have to have 2309 put on both arms and my calf, in addition to wearing my bib.  Ostensibly it’s for the swim when you can’t wear the bib, but when you wear a wetsuit you can’t see those areas of your body anyway.  Normally this is done with a giant magic marker by bored volunteers.

I honestly have thought it’s because the smell of magic marker in the morning at 4AM helps wake people up more than anything else.

If you’ve watched triathlon on TV ever, besides being a really big nerd (like me), you’ve probably also noticed the pros have these really nice numbers all over their body.  Those are actually temporary tattoos made by a company called TRI TATS.  So for those who want to look pro (or really hate having magic marker on their arms and legs for 5 days) they’ll sell you a box of tattoos you can use instead of the marker.

I, of course, am super geek.  So I have said box.


Here’s the thing about these numbers: they’re like 2.5 inches tall.  They look fantastic on pros who are single or double digit numbers.  But with a number like 2309….not so much.  The tattoos will literally run from the top of my shoulder to my elbow.  I won’t go without them though.  In fact, now that I think about it, I might just incorporate #2309 into my permanent tattoo I plan on getting if I finish.  And now that I think about it, maybe my finish time too.

IF I finish.

WHEN I finish.

26 more days until we all find out.

Meanwhile, the next 12 days are the final push upward.  2:40 run Thursday morning, 3800M swim Friday night, 5.5 hour ride Sunday with a 45 minute transition run, and 2 more bikes, 1 more run, and 2 more swims sprinkled on top of that for this week.  Next week, it goes to a 3 hour run, 4000M swim, 6 hour bike and an hour transition with all the extras sprinkled in.  If I really nail these two weeks, I should be mentally set to do the full thing.  This next 12 days is sort of like the final dress rehearsal before the performance.

I got this.  Cheers!


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