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Highs and Lows

Sept 26, Day 227

Recent Personal Bests:

  1. Longest bike ride (5.5 hours, 96.4 miles)
  2. Longest workout (6.25 hours)
  3. Most mileage in a week: 161


I’m halfway through the big push.

Last week as I stated was one of two more “build” weeks before I get into the taper.  I guess this is peaking, really.  I don’t know anymore.  All I know is it’s longer than I’ve ever gone in a single week.

The week started normal enough.  My midweek runs and cycles are getting a tad smaller as we build these big distances, probably to help preserve energy.  I got through Tuesday and Wednesday fine, ready to do my 2:40 Thursday run.  It was hot all last week, meaning 90s hot, so I wanted to do the run in the morning when it was “cool” to the tune of 76 degrees with humidity.

I mean, seriously, are you kidding?  76 with humidity at 3:30am?


Anyway, the run went fine and the heat didn’t really bother me at all although I would have loved a cool breeze.  That is, it went fine until I hit a lip in the concrete at mile 14 and took a tumble.  It was pitch black still so I completely missed seeing it.  First thing that hit was my left knee, then my left elbow, then my wrists.  I rolled into it and absorbed some of the impact but managed to scrape the heck out of myself.  My knee hit hard enough it was swollen for 2 days afterwards.  It’s fine now, except the scab scrapes off at work while wearing dress pants.

And of course you wanted to know that.



Friday I was worried with open, oozing parts of my body about the chlorine in the pool for 3800 meters.  No problem.  I crushed that swim.  I wasn’t even feeling tired at the end, and felt stronger the longer I went.  I have no doubt I will own the swim, which is a good feeling.

Saturday was a light day to set up Sunday, with a 5.5 hour bike and 45 minute transition run.  Over a century I did that day, and I had to modify the workout for the heat.  Since it was another day in the 90s, I got out at 7AM and did the first 3.5 hours on the road.  Then I came home and did two more on the bike trainer.  Then I had PLANNED to do the treadmill for the last 45, but I was so bored inside I decided to run outside.

That was a mistake.

I did the first half feeling better than I had in any transition run yet.  I was even having to slow down to my goal pace, and this after 5.5 hours on a bike.  This is fantastic, I thought!  But then I had to turn around and go back home.



You see where this is going.

Uphill in 95 degree heat and 60% humidity at the end of over 6 hours of working out is when my legs finally gave my brain the big t(‘.’t).  I had to walk up that hill.  I did manage to run the rest of the way home, but yeah.  I could use the heat going away this week.

The good news is I really wasn’t wiped out after all that, so I know my endurance is higher than it has ever been.  We will see what happens this week with 3 hour run, 4000m swim and 6 hour bike/1 hour transition on the schedule for Thursday, Friday and Sunday.  One thing I DO know will happen: I’m running Thursday in the daylight!



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