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Greetings from Louisville!

Here I am, less than 3 days until I find out if I am an Ironman or not.

It’s been a whirlwind week. Monday I started the process of laying out all of the things I would need to bring.  It’s times like these that you realize: I have a lot of triathlon crap.

Of course, not all of it needed to come on this trip.  And some things that I wouldn’t bring normally would need to be in the bag.  So the only real good way to pack is to take EVERYTHING out, catalogue what I have, and then put everything I actually would need in the bag.  Turns out it is a LOT of stuff.  It filled the whole dining table.

Here’s what the before looked like:


And somehow, yes, I did manage to get everything in the bag.  Here’s the proof!


We also had to take Scully.  It’s not like this is a bad thing at all, but it adds a ton of logistics and also, she’d never really travelled before.  It was hard to say how she would react to a 9 hour drive and a stay in a hotel for a week.  Shoot, she’s never even been in an elevator.  But, it’s all part of the adventure eh?

Anyway, we got everything loaded up in the car and took off Wednesday morning.  It was a very long drive, but Scully was a champ.  We took breaks every 90 minutes and she never complained once.  We got a chance to run around with her and do some ball tossing in some really odd spots, it actually made it even more fun.

We got to Louisville about 8:30 at night.  We are at the Galt Hotel, which is right on the Ohio river.  Very cool, classic hotel.  I took a few pictures out of the window:


And, Scully seems to be happy so long as she has her toys!

img_0074Today I spent time walking the course, checking out transition and the IM check in.  I was able to see the chute where we will come out of the river, the run up to the bike, my bike rack position, and basically do a walk-through of the transition.  Then I went to the athlete check in and got all my gear, attended the athlete briefing, and had them check out my bike for any last minute adjustments.

Here are some shots from around the transition and course:

I can’t tell you how impressed I am in general with the athletes here.  It’s a reinforcement of what this community is: there’s a lot of really, really nice and encouraging people who are spending their own nickel and tons of time to put themselves to the test, and all of us have nothing but respect for each other’s journeys.

It’s neat to be here.  It’s even neater to feel like I belong.


My bike is ready to go!

Also, there’s a lot of cool swag.  Check this out, and I didn’t even get all of it in the picture!


I was also able to drive the bike course, or some of it.  It’s a lot of rolling hills which is exactly what I train on.  It will be a tough course, but I feel prepared for it.  I’m not as prepared for the possibility of rain on the course that day.  Rolling hills, heavy traffic and no shoulder is not something I want to deal with on slick roads, especially if it gets windy. I’ll have to keep tracking this throughout the next few days, but it is what it is I guess.  It’s not like I’ll go home if it’s pouring.

As it stands I’ve yet to have a single drink in Louisville.  Oddly enough, having a dog with you makes it unlikely you’ll get to go to many bourbon bars.  We are going to drop her at a doggie day care tomorrow and do some tours of distilleries for a few hours.  Hopefully that goes well….we will see!

58 hours to the start to go.  I will become one: my wristband says so.  Cheers!





One thought on “Greetings from Louisville!

  1. All that preparation and anticipation, and now it’s really happening. You’re there, and you’re ready. Bravo! We’ll be tracking on Sunday. Mom

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