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About this blog

This blog is about a 45-year old former fat-guy’s journey to full Ironman.  It’s for anyone who might find inspiration to take on a challenge of their own someday.  It’s also my first blog, so if I screw something up, blame ignorance.


Who is it for?

Anyone who is either on their own journey or considering taking the plunge.  Or anyone just bored.  I’m not particular.


What will you talk about?

Pretty much anything having to do with this journey, really.  It could be positive, encouraging stuff, boring stuff, or even embarrassing stuff.  It’s a chronicle of the journey, which includes both the beautiful vistas and the potholes encountered along the way.


Will you talk about anything besides triathlon?

Possibly?  But it will all probably be related in some way.  I won’t be going off on politics or anything like that, so if that’s what you are looking for, you might want to find another blog.  However, if you want a politics free-zone, you might just be in the right place!


Hey, I know someone who might be interested.  Can I forward the link to them?

Sure!  Anyone is welcome.