Five Pounds and 98 days

July 9, Day 147

Today’s Workout: 90min run, 5 minutes in Z1, 80 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1

Yesterday’s workout: 2.5 hour bike, 10 minutes Z1, 10 minutes Z2, 4 x (2.5 minutes Z4/5 minutes Z1) 95 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1


I don’t know how I’m going to stay hydrated if Louisville is like this.

Want to do an interesting experiment?  Get on the scale just before you do a long workout. Consider how much you consume in water during the workout and add it.  Then weigh yourself afterward.  That will tell you how much fluid weight you lose during the run.  I did that today, and even taking 2 salt tablets, I lost 5 pounds on this 90 minute run.

No wonder I struggle so much in the heat. I clearly have to be very focused on keeping hydrated throughout the day, but honestly, I don’t know if I can possibly consume enough fluid to make up that kind of difference without getting sick.  It’s actually really scary.

It will be interesting to see how it goes with the longer workouts. I’m hopeful I can find a balance between losing an acceptable amount of water and staying hydrated enough to finish. At least I doubt having to go while on the course will be an issue. Thank heaven for small favors?

Also, I crossed the threshold to less than 100 days to go.  As of today I have 98 days till the big event!  Yes, I know I usually include a white board picture with the countdown, but the white board is in my office and since it is Sunday, I don’t have access to it.  So this will have to do:


This next week continues the ramp up.  Starting to get anxious and ready to just do this thing already, but I know I have a long way to go yet.  Have a great evening folks.  Cheers!


Ramping up the time

July 5, Day 143

Today’s Workouts: 90min bike, 30 minutes in Z1, 50 minutes Z2, 10 minutes Z1; 1500y swim, 150y Z1, 6x200y Z3, 150y Z1 

Yesterday’s workouts: 60min run, 5 minutes Z1, 21 minutes Z2, 3 x (5 minutes Z3/3 minutes Z1) 5 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1


Here we go, about to roll less than 100 days left to the event.  Must be time to ramp up the distance and time commitment.

I’m actually a little surprised it took this long, but not a lot.  You can’t put that much strain on your body for that long a period without risking injury or exhaustion, so it makes sense to build a nice solid base.  However, 20 weeks in and I’m ready to get some of the experience of being out there for more time under my belt.

Be careful what you wish for.

This week I’m seeing 90 min bikes (this morning) as part of a double workout day, swims that are finally getting past 2000y (Friday, 2250) and 2.5 hour Saturday bike, with intervals.  Sunday’s run is still 90 min, but that will ramp up soon enough.  It’s during the heat of the summer too, which will make it all the more difficult.  Yesterday’s run was in almost 100% humidity, and even under 80 degrees that’s murderous to do intervals in.  I came back soaked with sweat and gross.  I’ll skip the after shot and just stick with the before shot while I was still optimistic.


Yes, that’s my guest bathroom.  Don’t have a better photo studio.  Sorry.  >_>

At some point this week I’ll have to make another trip to KC.  The bad news is, the Apple store guys couldn’t fix the strange battery loss issue I am having in one of my two AirPods.  The GOOD news is, they are replacing them for free.  The worse news is, they didn’t have any is stock so they are hoping to get a replacement in this week.  And they can’t ship it direct to me because they need me to pick it up in person because, reasons.

Oh well.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th, and enjoyed it more than my Aussie who spent the evening scared to death of all the loud noises outside.  Poor girl.


Just going to leave this one here

July 1, Day 139

Today’s Workouts: 120min bike, 15 minutes in Z1, 90 minutes Z2, 15 minutes Z3

Yesterday’s workouts: 2000m swim, 300 yd Z1, 1400 yd Z2, 300 yd Z1; 50 min run, Z1

Yesterday’s run was a disaster.  Technical difficulties. One of my AirPods has decided not to charge, so I ended up contacting Apple support to try to fix it.  I thought I could address it quickly, but it ate most of my run time and my morning was rushed. Funny how one thing an disbobulate everything. I just never mentally recovered until the afternoon.

Plus now I have to drive 2 hours to an Apple Store to get it fixed. Oh well.

The swim was good.  Today’s bike was fabulous.  Perfect weather. 70 degrees and very little breeze. Man I love to bike on days like this.

I don’t really have a ton to say today, but I came across a great post about triathlon IM style.  That post below, I’m just going to leave right there. Just know it’s all true. Enjoy!

Mean and ignorant people: why?

June 28, Day 136

Today’s Workouts: 

60 min bike, 15 minutes in Z1, 35 minutes Z2, 10 minutes Z1
1750m swim, 500 yd Z1, 5 x (100 yd Z3/15″ rest) 250 yd Z1, 10 x (25 yd Z5/10″ rest) 250 yd Z1

Yesterday’s workout: 45 min run, HILL REPEATS, 5 minutes Z1, 5 minutes Z2, 10 x (1 minute Z5 uphill/2 minutes Z1) 5 minutes Z1


There’s an inherent meanness that some people express towards those who are working out I just don’t get.

Anyone who runs or cycles outside for any length of time I am sure has seen it.  While biking on the road I’ve had people lay on their horn right behind me or as they pass me, even when I’m not in their way.  I’ve had people shout names or obscenities.  I’ve been flipped off, cut off, I’ve even had someone cut in front of me and hit the brakes real quick to see if they could make me wreck.  There’s even actually a thing now for “coal rolling” cyclists.  I can sort of get the road rage when there’s no shoulder and I had the audacity to slow you down 2 seconds from your destination, but I’ve had it happen even when there’s plenty of shoulder and no possible way I was in anyone’s way.

For running I haven’t gotten coal rolled or cut off, but I’ve had people cat-call, whistle, honk, etc.  Last Thursday when I was doing the run portion of my brick, I ran across a gas station exit, and a woman in an SUV pulled up to the exit.  She leaned out of her window, yelled something at me, then sped off with a screech to her tires.  I had my music in and didn’t hear what she said, but her expression, tone, and the way she peeled out made me think it probably wasn’t “good morning”.


Why do people feel the need?  I just don’t get it.  And this is with me being a fairly good size male.  I can’t even imagine how bad it could get for women runners.

Yesterday as I was crushing my hill repeats (and that felt good) I had another common thing for runners happen to me again.  Guy walking his dog along the sidewalk, big dog, way out in front of him, no leash.  Dog comes bounding up to me and he yells “Don’t worry, he won’t bite”.  I have to stop and warily watch the dog until he meanders up and puts the dog on the leash, acting like there’s something wrong with me for being nervous.


Now keep in mind, I am a dog owner.  I love my dog.  But I do not trust her in ALL situations with ALL people at ALL times.  And I certainly don’t expect a total stranger to be comfortable with her bounding up on them at full speed while they are running.  It’s just plain ignorant to think you can predict your dog “would never”.

'Relax! My dog would never bite you!'

My mother was attacked unprovoked by a dog while running.  She was pretty seriously hurt when the dog knocked her down.  My son was attacked unprovoked by a friend’s dog while at his house.  He had to have some pretty huge stitches to repair multiple bites on his arm.  My dog was attacked (happily not seriously hurt) when walking on the sidewalk when a dog, unleashed, came running out of a garage and went for her.  Guess what the owner said in every single one of those situations?

“That’s the first time that’s ever happened.  Normally my dog WOULD NEVER do something like that”.

Famous last words.  Is it really worth the risk to others?  To your dog?

Anyway, enough ranting.  I’ll just leave it with one more message.  Cheers!




Dealing with distractions

June 24, Day 132

Thursday’s Workouts: BRICK

60 min bike, 5 minutes Z1, 15 minutes Z2, 20 minutes Z3, 15 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1
30 min run, Z1

Fridays workout: cancelled, OBE

Today’s Workout: Run 10 minutes Z1, 10 minutes Z2, 20 minutes Z3, 10 minutes Z2, 10 minutes Z1


Life doesn’t always cooperate with the plan.

It’s supposed to get out of the way, you know?  Life is supposed to say “oh hey, big thing you are doing there.  Wanna be supportive, so hey I’ll just sit in the background and not be too demanding whilst you go get ready for that IM. See you in a few months”. Of course, it doesn’t work that way.

Havent blogged as much because I have been really, really busy with other stuff.  There is a lot happening at work right now and a lot happening in general. Some of it is good stuff, some of it stressful, all of it time consuming.  For example, I got approved to take a course I’ve wanted to take for training but it is a lot of extra work and studying to dig into. I wanted to do it last year, but this was the year I got the approval.  So that’s on my plate.

Also, a lot of new stuff.  I did a 45 minute presentation on no less than three new initiatives I’ve rolled out in the last month at last weeks leadership meeting, and I’ve got to do it again for another department soon.  That’s all good, but rolling those things out is a lot of projects at once.

And I just got word there’s going to be a lot more on my plate shortly, potentially.  Not official yet.  More on that later.

Oh, and I just got my car back from the shop after repairing a slight accident.


So there’s a lot of life going on, and finding time has been difficult,  Especially with training ramping ever upward.  Had my first BRICK (bike + run = ick) Thursday, then got skunked out of swimming Friday and Sunday by the pool being closed both days and there being a big concert out at the lake where I would swim all weekend.


Had a similar run to the one I bonked on 3 weeks ago this morning and did much better.  The training is still on target even with all the distractions.  Hopefully it stays that way.

Have a great weekend. Cheers!

Taking a moment for perspective

June 21, Day 129

Yesterdays Workouts:

45 min run, 5 minutes Z1, 10 minutes Z2, 5 x (2 minute Z4/2 minutes Z1) 10 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1
40 min bike, 5 minutes in Z1, 30 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1

Today’s Workout:

1750 swim, 500 yd Z1, 5 x (100 yd Z3/15″ rest) 250 yd Z1, 5 x (50 yd Z4/20″ rest) 250 yd Z1

IMG_0230So much of this journey is a grind.  It’s obvious, it’s expected.  It’s a very long road to get to Louisville and you aren’t going to finish an IM by taking shortcuts.  That means stuff like yesterday’s run are part of it.  It was 94 degrees when I got out to do the run, and with 5 Z4 repeats in that heat?  Did not manage to hit Z4 for all 5 repeats.  Just too hot.  I did the best I could with what I could do.  Sometimes it is what it is.

That can be frustrating, and if I focus on the frustrations of the journey too much it will drive me nuts.  This is a life experience after all.  It should be one with GOOD experiences.  This post will not talk any more about the grind but instead focus on something cool I never would have seen if I wasn’t doing this.

So Sunday I got up before dawn to do my run.  I was awake, I didn’t want to deal with the heat for a 90 minute 10 miler, and I just felt motivated to do it.  I decided to go ahead and take a selfie of myself before I set out, and demonstrated my complete lack of selfie skill in doing so.


This….was not supposed to be a body shot.

After failing that effort I set out into the cool(ish) morning air.  I chose a route that goes along the outskirts of town to start, away from too many buildings or streetlights.  That allowed me to enjoy some of the most beautiful morning views of a sunrise I’ve ever seen.  Here’s a shot close to my house.


Here’s one about a mile away.  As you can see, the sun has come up a BIT more.


Here’s one as I ran by the K-State football stadium.  The sunrise reflecting in those windows was breathtaking.


Here’s the last one I took, just before i turned into the city and away from the sunrise.


This is the sort of stuff that can go unappreciated if you look at the grind too much.  For whatever reason I was feeling philosophical and spiritual Sunday morning and just really enjoyed this morning.  If I wasn’t doing this training, I would have missed it asleep in bed.

What a shame that would have been.


A first time experience

June 17, Day 125

Yesterdays Workouts:

40 min run, Z1
1600y swim, 300 Z1, 1000 Z2, 300 Z1

Today’s Workout:

105 min bike, 5 minutes in Z1, 85 minutes Z2, 15 minutes Z3

So, yeah, that bike today?  Not a typo. It is specifically designed to put the hardest work at the very end to simulate high intensities while in a fatigued state.

My workout plan is trolling me, because I was already in a fatigued state after this week.


I got Thursdays bike and Wednesdays swim done fine, but the intervals left me exhausted. I actually took a short nap at lunch.  Thankfully Friday’s run was at recovery intensity and that helped.  Last nights swim though I seriously considered skipping and just doing Sunday. Then I realized the pool is closed on the weekends.  All the weekends. All summer.  I guess that’s the fallout from not enough lifeguards. That, folks, is a serious hurdle.  I have Sunday swims all summer long, and Sunday is a big day for recreational use out at the lake.  Fish hooks abound.

One more thing to overcome I guess.

Last night at the pool I had a seriously fun time people watching. No really, it’s kinda boring and what else can you do but notice people around you? There was the 40 something in the Stars and Stripes bikini who spent at least 10 minutes tucking her pigtails into her swim cap before she got in the water.  There was the woman with her boyfriend who left her eyeglasses on while swimming laps. And then here was the young guy next to me playing “beat the swimmer”.

Ive mentioned this before, when someone casual waits for a swimmer to hit the wall then takes off like a banshee for one pool length to try and beat them. It’s an ego thing or something, only this guy could not do it.  He tried 3 times waiting for me to come to the wall and taking off at exactly the same time.  Then he tried a few more times, giving himself a little head start. Then a little more.  Then a little more.  It never worked, because he just wasn’t a very experienced swimmer.

After maybe 6 attempts though, he did something I’ve never seen. I was in lane 6, he in lane 5. He got out of the pool, went down to lane one, and got back in over there.

Dude, it’s ok.  Nothing to be ashamed of.  I’ve been swimming 2-3x a week for years.


Todays bike will be later than normal because I am at one of the wife’s events again.  I should enjoy this bike, I think it’s the last one I do on this plan sub 2 hours on a weekend. 10 miler running tomorrow morning to follow.  Glutton for punishment that I am, looking forward to it.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads. Cheers!