The taper pain is real, and card explosions

Tapering….enough said.


Seriously, single digits.  Single. Digits.

Everything I heard about the taper?  So far it’s true.  I’m in this odd place right now.  Firstly, my plan has 11 workouts during week 1 of a two week taper.  That’s more than I would normally have.  What it means is 4 days this week I had 2 workouts, and I had no rest day.  That’s grindy, especially coming off the longest workout of my life Sunday.  I mean, they are SHORTER workouts, but there’s a lot of high intensity intervals in there.  I know it’s overall less volume, so I’m sticking to it.

But now, I find it harder and harder to stay focused on it.  I don’t know whether the extra workouts are a factor, but mentally, I just don’t care.  I don’t want to get up at 4:30 am to workout anymore.  I don’t want to do intervals in pitch black.  I find myself 9 days out thinking “Is any of this going to matter at this point?”.

It’s amazing to me that it’s actually HARDER to stay motivated this close to this thing than it was when it was 180 days away.

Not that I am not motivated to IM.  I just want to go DO it already.  I’m tired of working out.  I’m tired of explaining the IM race.  I’ve answered at least 15 people over the last day “What day is your IM again?”.  I’m tired of it.

Can I please just start now?


It hasn’t helped that with 2 weeks off from work this week of work has been hell.  I feel like I’ve worked 8 days this week.  We had a work retreat all day Tuesday, I took a 3 hour exam Wednesday, I’ve been wall to wall meetings trying to get things in place before I go, etc.  It has been a very difficult week.

Which is why this card explosion meant so much.  See the below pictures?  That’s my office, covered in cards and memes and inspirational quotes.  All those cards are signed by family, friends and coworkers.  All of them have inspirational messages and quotes.  This was all orchestrated by my wife, and I am so grateful because this was a fantastic lift at a time I REALLY needed one.

However I haven’t read but half a dozen of them.  I realized I can’t read them at work because I read like 3 and in the emotional state I am in, I broke down and started to cry.  Sooooooooo…….we’ll wait and read them closer to the race.  I may even take some and put them in my special needs bags so I can have some inspiration on the race.

Very seriously considering it.

Meanwhile, 2 more workouts tomorrow and 2 more Sunday.  Then it’s time to start packing and actually getting to Louisville.  The IM I got.

But the taper is hell.