Can’t get me down.  You just can’t.

August 3, Day 173

Weeks workouts:

  • Swim Open Water 1750 yards
  • Bike 1 hours: 5 minutes Z1, 5 minutes Z2, 30 minutes Z3, 5 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1
  • Run 45 min: 5 min Z, 5 min Z2, 25 min Z3, 5 min Z2, 5 min Z1

Can’t stop you from trying though, life.  Can it?

4 days down in the new position, and I can honestly say it’s the busiest I remember being in a long time.  So much to do, so much going on, so many things to learn.  I’ve been doing what I can to stay on top of it but I’d be lying to say I felt successful.  I know, only one day at a time and you can only do so much.  I’m just not very good at having so much on my plate that I can’t get to a logical stopping point at the end of the day.  I’m even worse when I’m not even sure I am doing the right stuff.

I’m doing my best though.  There’s something to be said for that I guess.

I can’t sleep at night, because that’s my only time to be creative.  Seriously.  I am keeping notes about all the great ideas I am getting between 3-5am.  My mind won’t stop working then, because during the day I am just bouncing from task to task, meeting to meeting, until I run out of time.  It’s ironic that they hired me partially because I am a strategic thinker, yet they won’t give me time……..think.

That would be enough for most people.  However, FATE apparently knows I want to be an Ironman.  So it decided I could endure…..more.

On Tuesday I came out to the parking lot to find my car fender crumpled.  Apparently someone hit it and didn’t bother to own up or leave a note.  I just paid 1700 bucks to get the thing fixed from a different accident not even a month ago.  So that was crushing.

Today I came home to the double whammy of my dog chewing through my apple MacBook Pro power cable.  That’s a nice 80 dollar charge (yes, Scully is fine btw, thanks for asking in your mind).  Oh, and I got a jury summons to boot.  So there’s that.

Yet, here I sit and my spirits are not dampened.  I wouldn’t call them high per se, but I just refuse to let it get to me today.  I will endure.  I am going to be an Ironman.  I can handle this.

It’s funny how this thing I’ve been working so long for and haven’t achieved is what’s keeping me going.  I have a calm faith in myself that I can get past this.  I can get past anything.  I can endure.  I hope I am able to keep that faith through the race because that will make ALL the difference.

Meanwhile, say a prayer for me.  Make the Karma Gods go inflict punishment on someone else.  I’ve had enough.  Yes, I can take it, but it doesn’t mean I should always HAVE to.



Running in Abilene

Apr 8: Day 55

Planned Workout: Run, 5 min Z1, 80 min Z2, 5 min Z1

Weight: 171 (at least it was yesterday.  I didn’t weigh at 4:30 am today)

Today I went to a marathon.

It wasn’t my marathon, I was accompanying the wife to her event. She was running the Eisenhower half marathon in Abilene. I have disavowed any events until Louisville to save some $ and to keep on my training as planned. This is necessary because the IM was so expensive and I never am able to execute a workout while in an event.

Abilene KS is a pretty small town in the middle of nowhere, but it is where Eisenhower grew up and where his Presidential Museum and Library are. I know it for that and the Russell Stover Factory Outlet (which is a weakness of mine) and little else. Since I needed to entertain myself for about 2.5 hours, I decided to get my 90 minute run in today around the town.

That was really cool.

One of the things about running in new places is you get out of your routine, which makes things interesting. Another is the nature of running means you see more than driving through a place.  I learned on my adventure today that Abilene is a really, really cute town. The place is chock full of streets that look like this:

Or houses that look like this:

Or historic spots like this:

There are not a lot of sidewalks, so that was a struggle at times. But it was worth it to come upon views like this:

Or to see one of my favorite animals, a Shetland Pony!

Of course, I had a great run with so many interesting distractions. When I was done, I wandered around the Eisenhower complex a little to kill the remaining time. Here are some of the shots from that:

And the wife had a great race and was very happy with her time. So great day all around so far!

While waiting I had brought a change of clothes to use because I knew I would want them.  I changed in the car, under the top I had brought with me for the cool morning air.  It’s not the first time I’ve done that, changing in the car down to well, everything, while remaining in a bucket seat and covered by spare clothing.  It’s not terribly unlike a skill I’ve seen women employ, which is pulling off a bra underneath a shirt while not actually removing the shirt.  When I first saw that I didn’t think there would be too many situations where I’d be removing my undergarments in public.  Little did I know at the time the direction my life would be taking….

Hope your Saturdays are going as awesome. Have a fun adventure!  Cheers!

Back, and LOCKED IN

Feb 28: Day 16

Planned workout(s): 5 minutes in Z1, 45 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1

Weight: We shall see tomorrow…

It’s funny how things work out.  I just got back from DC around 4PM and went out immediately to get my run done.  I was sore and tired and kinda feeling bleh, as I always do when I spend the day traveling, but I was kinda glad to get the rust off.  I started my run achey and stiff, wondering how I would do 55 minutes today.

Then about 10 minutes in I was absolutely, 100% locked in, to the point I had to keep backing off to stay in Z2.

I’ve had this experience before.  I can remember my very best Olympic race, where I won my AG and placed 2nd overall, came after I had spent a week on travel and returned the night before.  I wondered if I would be any good that day too.  And then I absolutely killed it.

I think it may be because, even though my body is protesting all the travel, all the sitting and extra napping has me actually pretty well rested.  As soon as I can work through the kinks, I’m ready to go.

Had a kind of surreal moment while running on the trail.  I’m used to seeing trash tossed on the side of the running trail.  It seems we cannot make a place nice enough that a knucklehead won’t toss crap on the side of it.  I’ve seen some unusual stuff tossed too.  But I have to admit, this was a first:



Yeah.  A whole treadmill.  I… nothing.

Back on the scale tomorrow.  It may be a spike back up with all the travel and festivities, but I am back on healthy eating and ready to start chipping away the rest of the week.  Looking forward to it really.  It will be nice to get back to normal.


Travel is always a challenge

Feb 26: Day 14

Planned workout(s)

  1. Swim: 300 yd Z1, 1000 yd Z2, 300 yd Z1 20 minutes swim bands
  2. Run: 5 minutes in Z1, 40 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1

In more ways than one.

I am on a short business trip starting today. I return Tuesday. It’s actually really good timing from a workout perspective because Monday is my off day.  I was able to get my run in this morning. Sadly the pool didn’t open until after my flight time, so I did swim bands for that workout. I’ll be able to do Tuesday’s work when I get home.

I’ve already planned a fasting day for Monday too. I do these occasionally on off days to cleanse and it works fairly well for me.  It also saves me some per diem, and avoids the typical pitfalls of travel dining, so hey!

I’ve got some protein bars for dinner tonight and breakfast Tuesday, and there is a Subway in O’Hare I can grab a decent lunch at. I’ll be at the hotel by 7, relax, shower, read, iron my suit, and generally decompress before a long meeting tomorrow.  I have this trip down!

If only American would have cooperated with my perfect plan. But alas, it was not to be.

I got to Dallas alright, and had a 90 minute layover until my 3:10 flight to D.C.   I was waiting in the gate area when they announced the flight was oversold and asked for 3 volunteers to go on a later flight.  That flight wouldn’t arrive until midnight and I have an early start tomorrow, so i decided not to take the $300 voucher offer.

I’m starting to think taking that offer would have been a real good idea.

First we have more people in platinum, gold and priority status groups than I have ever seen. I of course, am not one of those.  I swear 3/4 of the plane had a priority boarding status.  Before Group 1 was even called, they declared the overheads full and anyone left with bags had to gate check them. As I was in Group 2, that was me.

Then I had to kick a guy out of my seat who thought his window seat F was my aisle seat D.

Then I had the woman in front of me try to recline before we left the gate.  I could tell this was going to be one of “those” flights.



From that point we sat on the plane until 3:10 waiting to leave.

And then past it. 3:15.  3:30.  3:45…

Finally at 4 we get an announcement–there’s a “scuff” on the plane.  Can’t fix it. We need to deplane.  Wonderful.  We all tromp off wondering if we would even leave today.  I, of course, no longer have access to my bag. Which has my dinner in it.

After a few minutes they send us to another gate to board a new plane. And the whole kabuki dance starts over again, as they reboard by the same groups.  I settle in a seat and wait the 20 minutes before they finally call “Group 2”.  New departure, 4:37.

Then, waiting in my new seat, here we go again.  4:45.  4:50.  5pm.  I’m thinking I really really need to get an overpriced bourbon if we ever get off the ground.


At 5:14, with no explanation or even acknowledgement of the new delay, we push off for D.C.  Finally.  OMG my butt hurts.  My 2 hour flight will have had me in a seat for almost 6.  I decided I was going to get that bourbon after all.  The flight attendant, in her infinite generosity, declined to charge me the 8 bucks for an ounce of Woodford Reserve.  Score one for American!

Once in DC my luck is…consistent. It takes an hour at baggage claim to get the bag I never intended to check.  Then, to top it off I head to the Metro and find the Blue Line I take to the hotel is out of service.  I can still get there, but it requires about double the time and a real roundabout method.


The rest of this trip is going to be fabulous.  It has to be.  I have burned all my bad luck at the front end.

Now, with both the delay and the bag I’m finally in the hotel about 3.5 hours after I had planned, at 10:30. Thankfully I didn’t try to push the workouts until I after arrived, because I don’t have near the time I thought I would have!  Instead I have just enough to iron my suit and get settled in.


Somehow with all that, it won’t impact my training a whit.  So I’m still calling it a win!  🙂